How To Combat Those Allergy Eyes: I’ll Huff and De-Puff…

Over the years I’ve lived here, I’ve heard so many people express their dismay that they’d never had seasonal allergies until they moved to the good ol’ DMV. The pollen situation here is honestly absurd, coating cars and street signs and stray cats with a nice dusting of yellow. Some of us struggle with sniffle-y sinuses, some with puffy eyes. You’ll have to talk to your doctor about the sniffles, friend, but I can help with your eyes.


Step One: Rinse and Compress

One of the most soothing things for irritated eyes is a cold compress. When my eyes are irritated, I like to gently splash some cool water over my closed lids, then wet a washcloth and lay down for a few minutes with it pressed lightly over my face. You can also go old school and place some sliced, chilled cucumbers or damp, cool teabags on your eyes for this step — the antioxidants will help calm any irritation, and the chilliness will reduce puffiness.


Step Two: Drops

I have chronically dry eyes, so I carry disposable packs of artificial tears with me everywhere. (The other girls at the store can vouch — I have a little stash behind the counter!) Talk with your eye doctor if your irritation gets out of hand, certainly, but since these handy guys have no preservatives or active ingredients, I feel no compunction about recommending them as a helpful tool for irritated, allergy eyes!


Step Three: Eye Gel

At some point, you’ll still have to venture out and face the world. I love to keep a moisturizing eye gel in the fridge during hotter months, and this can be so comforting on bothered peepers. A couple of my consistent favorites for this are Mario Badescu Ceramide Eye Gel ($18) and Fresh Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream ($41), which will absorb easily and — even without the refrigerator — have cooling properties.


Step Four: Light Concealer

If your eyes are very red-rimmed, you can gently color a flesh-toned pencil under the lash line. (Not the waterline if your eyes are already irritated!) I love the brightening properties of Smashbox Always Sharp Eye Liner in “Bare” ($21).


Let us know if we can reserve any listed products for you! (But you’re on your own for the sneeze-catching tissues.) 703-299-9652

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