how to make your outfit look deliberate



Ever wonder how some people look so put-together all the time? Guess what? It’s easy! Just follow these 3 simple steps:

1 – Add a belt. Whether you are wearing pants or a dress, complete your look with a belt. Try this accessorizing technique by tying a skinny belt around a cardigan or use the belt loops in your pants to highlight a wide belt.

2 – Cuff your pants. Show off those shoes, sister! Try cuffing jeans over heels or booties, and cuffing white skinnies/straights over flats.

3 – Tuck in your shirt. Flowy tops are so on-trend this season, and they tend to look best tucked in a little in the front (the half-tuck). If you are wearing a skirt, tuck it in all the way and show off a belt!

Bonus #4: Wear colorful shoes! This is such an effortless way to complete your outfit.

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