How to Wear a Cropped Jacket

Every time I work the floor at The Hive it never fails, a woman walks in, spots a new trend or a piece of clothing that has arrived and immediately exclaims “I cannot wear that!” Now while it is true not everyone can wear everything, after a little poking and prodding, I often discover it is not that they cannot wear something; it is because they do not know how.

I personally love the creativity of playing around with different cuts and styles of clothing and figuring out how best to wear them, but that is certainly not the case for all. We are lucky to have a diverse group of women working at The Hive and The Shoe Hive. We vary in age, shape, professional background, and current roles in life which greatly influence our personal styles, so I thought, why not utilize our collective resources and show you how we are wearing this spring’s latest trends and new brands we are introducing at our stores?

First up is the cropped jacket and how Alicia and I chose to style it to complement our different lifestyles and body shapes.


Other ideas on how to wear the cropped jacket:

  • • Wear with a full, wide leg pant over a fitted layering piece that hits where the leg meets the body
  • • With skinny, pencil pants, wear with a more voluminous layering piece that again hits where the leg meets the body, or if you are thin and straight, try wearing with a peplum top to help give the illusion of shape
  • • Try over a maxi dress
  • • If you are long, lean, and crush it in all the right places, do not be afraid to pair with a fitted sheath or sweater and pencil skirt
  • • To lengthen your legs, tuck a fitted top into a high wasted pant or skirt allowing the cropped jacket to hit below the waist.

How will you wear the cropped jacket this spring?



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Sheila’s Look

  • The latest from Sheila
Sheila, a transplant from the Mississippi Delta, accidentally became a resident of Old Town 22 years ago when her marketing internship turned into a real job. Since most everyone assumed Sheila was actually working on Capitol Hill, she decided not to disappoint them and found a job there spending the next ten years scheduling for two U.S. Senators followed by a short stint at one of D.C.’s top lobbying firms. Seeking a change of pace, Sheila traded in her suits for athleisure wear to better focus on rearing her two bigs, Joe and Crosby. Sheila and her husband, Clete, also welcomed a new baby girl, Lady Eugenia, to their family earlier this year. In order to escape the chaos and have the perfect excuse to get dressed up again, she recently joined Elizabeth and Co. at The Hive. When not working at The Hive, Sheila can usually be found running late, pushing a baby stroller, driving carpool or volunteering at the school.

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