Introducing the Bird Bag

COVID-19 has definitely forced many business owners into rethinking their business models and what they can do to survive the pandemic. We are all doing our best and thinking on the fly. One thing I noticed is that my friends and neighbors are still receiving their clothing subscription boxes like Stitch Fix or Trunk Club. I’ve asked people before why they do that instead of going to a store and it’s always the same answer: convenience. Either they don’t enjoy shopping in person, or they just don’t have the time. I’ve actually delivered pieces to customers in the last two weeks to give them the chance to try on clothing in their homes so they don’t have to venture out and so they can try it on before paying for it.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to create a program called “Bird Bag.” It will be along the same lines of these clothing subscriptions. I’m still working out all of the details and when I do, I’ll announce all of the various points of the program via Stylebook and e-mail. Basically, you’ll be able to go to our lookbook on our website and also our emerging e-commerce platform and pick out what you want to try on. I’ll drop it off in one of our Kiskadee bags and you’ll have several days to try them on and decide if any work for you. There will also be options for you to fill out a survey and I can pick out items for you…jewelry, clothes, or whatever else your heart desires! Be on the lookout for all the specifics within the week.

Although it’s been on my “I’ll do that eventually” list, Kiskadee hasn’t ventured before into the world of e-commerce. Well, time to change that and fast! Eventually we will have a full e-commerce site up. Until then, we created a way to shop via Facebook and Instagram. That is in the works too so please keep an eye out for the link.

Another new thing is that I will host some virtual shopping parties. I’m working out a schedule for that and hope to get some guest stylists on board. I’ll do these via Zoom so make sure you have that app downloaded if you don’t already.

Hope you all are staying healthy and safe! We will get through this!



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