Jérôme Dreyfuss: “What dreams are made of…”

What does Paris fashion mean to you? When I think about this question I consider Parisian women. There is no denying that Parisian women have an undeniable allure. It’s an attitude, it’s being true to themselves, staying authentic, it’s freedom – and that is why we love Parisian fashion. Parisian fashion highlights the essence of what is means to be a Parisian woman.

Paris fashion and purse designer Jérôme Dreyfuss understands this sense of simple authenticity to its core. A quote from Jérôme on his inspiration for his work sings what I now consider to be the Parisian fashion mantra: attitude, truth, authentic, free:

“I only do what I like…I work in a really honest way. I don’t follow trends.
I’m inspired by my friends and the stylish women I see in the street.”

His website touts that his mission is woman first, and that is evident in his bag design. Not only are his bags gorgeous and eye catching, they are thoughtful in the needs of women. If I didn’t know, I would think a woman had designed the bag.

To quote one of our customers and fellow Jérôme Dreyfuss lover, “his bags are just so damn practical!” This couldn’t be truer! “His bags are perfectly designed to match your lifestyle…clever design details, including multiple straps to allow carrying by hand or over the shoulder, removable wallets, key rings, and mini-flashlights to help you find your keys.”

Not to mention all his bags are made from the creamiest and most stunning calf, goat, lamb, and reptile skin. Saying his bags are what dreams are made of is an understatement.

We are excited to show you Jérôme Dreyfuss’ new fall collection, now available at The Shoe Hive and The Hive! Come by and channel what is perhaps your new fashion mantra – attitude, truth, authentic, freedom – as you admire Jérôme’s latest pièces de resistance!

  • Remi purse in Leopard, $730
  • Serge bag in Noirci Marine, $965
  • The Albert bag in Leopard, $1,165
  • The Bob purse in Champagne, $465
  • The Bob purse in Vert Leopard, $905
  • The Django bag in Noir, $820
  • The Felix purse in Bleu, $680
  • The Felix purse in Emerando, $680
  • The Felix purse in Noir, $680
  • The Georges bag in Bleu, $1,215
  • The Georges bag in Hortense, $1,215
  • The Georges bag in Metallic, $1,320
  • The Igor purse in Leopard, $980
  • The Igor purse in Noir, $680
  • The Tanguy bag in Nubuck, $930
  • The Tanguy bag in Noirci Marine, $980


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