jewelry for the table

We wear jewelry to make our clothing stand out so why wouldn’t we give our home decor the same treatment? Just as our favorite clothing looks best paired with luminescent pearls and sparkling bling, our tables also deserve an extra boost from a fabulous statement piece. Think of it as table jewelry!


The key to successful decorating is to make your space feel personal and welcoming. Incorporating statement pieces in your table decor not only helps you add character, but also a wow factor. A plain farm table can instantly be revived with a beautiful ceramic bowl full of fresh seasonal fruit or an entry table with eye catching gold. Adding the right decor, really can make the world of difference in completing a pulled-together style in your home decor.



Some of the best statement pieces for your home are the ones that you’d never think of. We recommend selecting pieces that really speak to you, something that you can relate to and meshes well with the vibe you have in your home. The right statement piece will spark up a conversation with your guests and keep you talking all night long.



Big statement centerpieces can be used in any part of the home but they are most commonly used on foyer tables, coffee tables, dining room tables and even on a bar. Its what every designer or homeowner is looking for to make their home pop, it’s the perfect table jewelry!



All table jewels featured are available for purchase at Coco Blanca.





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