The Joy of Live Music (and WTW To Enjoy It)

A few hours before I began writing this piece I attended a performance of Handel’s Messiah at the Kennedy Center, where the National Symphony Orchestra and University of Maryland’s Concert Choir brought to life a score written almost 300 years ago. The combination of the beautiful venue, talented performers, and inspiring message makes this one of my favorite annual holiday traditions.

Music plays a prominent role in my life, as I imagine it does for many. A specific song, a particular concert experience, or even a distinct venue often evoke memories of a special person or moment in time. Music can, almost in an instant, “take me back.” My love of rock music began when I was 9, and while my obsession with bands such as Van Halen and Motley Crüe has never waned, my musical palate did expand beyond big hair and tight spandex as I was exposed to numerous classical composers and scores throughout high school and college.

Live music, whether a classical holiday performance in an iconic hall, an 80s rock concert in a huge arena, or an emerging indie band in a small club, is a passion for many of us. My guess is that you remember your first concert experience; mine was Aerosmith at age 10.  I still remember the sheer joy I felt belting out the words to “Love in an Elevator” in a massive stadium on a warm summer night!  It was a long time ago, but isn’t it amazing how music allows us to so vividly recall memories and feelings from decades past?

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And lucky for us, the live music scene in D.C. is thriving. Several new venues have opened within the last year, hosting talent from around the world. Pearl Street Warehouse, The Anthem, and MGM Grand have joined local favorites such as Wolf Trap, the 9:30 Club, and Capitol One Arena to bring us some of the best live music on the East Coast.  Depending on the venue and performance, concert attire can range from edgy to ethereal to elegant. If live music is on your agenda for remainder of the holiday season, Kiskadee has you covered with the perfect concert look.


When I think of a ball gown, my thoughts (for better or worse) immediately travel to flashy and overdone, and this gown is just the opposite. While the skirt is full, it isn’t overwhelming, and the fitted bodice balances out the volume.  A muted, modern black and white print and side-slit pockets make the gown approachable rather than stuffy. This gown is perfect for a formal holiday event at the Kennedy Center or MGM Grand —  think New Year’s Eve?


Can there be a more perfect look for a rock concert than coated black jeans and stilettos? Last month I saw Guns N’ Roses perform and wore something similar, swapping a vintage tee for the oversize silk blouse and adding a black blazer. The movement of the blouse softens the black-on-black, and exposing some skin keeps the look, well, rocker appropriate.


Silk camo joggers anchor this unexpected and modern look. While the layered gold tank is a dressier piece, denim and neutral stilettos tone down the shimmer and shifts the look to something cool and unique. This is a great pairing for a more intimate, but edgy, concert venue. An added bonus: these joggers can also be dressed down with flats and a thin sweater for something a bit more casual.

Outfits and accessories available at Kiskadee.


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