Kids’ Room Refresh

Alex and I (and the Ivy Lane team!) are currently working on a large project to help update a whole home. While some bigger construction projects are going on in the family room and living room, we thought we’d start working on the kids’ rooms.

These two sweet young girls were so excited to get a room refresh and we were thrilled to work with them to bring their style to life. When working in kids’ rooms our driving principle is to give them a framework and style that has the flexibility to evolve. Kids are going to shift their desires as they grow, and we want to give them a room that has the ability to do that.


Room one filled with beautiful blues and splashes of yellow.



As we do with all of our clients, we chatted with the girls about what colors and patterns they liked and then we gave them a variety of options to choose from. Each mixed and matched and chose what they liked best for their room.

For these two rooms, we did a total overhaul of each with brand new lamps, headboards, linens, rugs, paint, and more.

The girls chose some really nice colors for their rooms that express who they are now but will easily be able to adapt as they get older. The larger furniture pieces and fixtures can evolve as well.


Room two focused more on pinks and blues.
(Yes, the duvets are missing! The install wasn’t as complete as we wanted it to be for this post, but the show goes on.)



We always love to make a house a home – no matter what room we are working in, we allow space to show off who you are. Still to come is art and accessories for the rooms! We will be incorporating some of the girls’ favorite artwork into their new space and we’ll be creating areas for them to have their own expressions, photos, and keepsakes.

We are thrilled with the way these rooms came together and know these girls will love them for years to come.


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