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One thing that I love to do as a woman-owned business is to uplift other women entrepreneurs. I am always happy to host trunks shows or consign something from a local woman designer. Some of the best things are found by my employees or word of mouth. One such discovery was a jewelry line called Love Soul Designs. One of my employees, Cindy, liked the jewelry and arranged for us to all meet. Negin Sami is the owner and designer of the business and makes most of the jewelry herself. Based out of Leesburg, she has her own studio that she works from that is also connected to the spa her family owns.



Her story began when Negin decided to pursue her love for fashion and healing energies by taking over a jewelry company in 2020. As a young entrepreneur, mother, and survivor of endometriosis, Negin felt within her soul that she wanted to help others find comfort and health in a more holistic way. By creating jewelry that carried healing energies, Negin found a way to create connections between people and the energies they were seeking or attracting. She truly wanted to expand this business and inspire everyone to welcome positivity into their lives. Creating Love Soul Design allowed Negin to pursue her dreams of creativity and to spread positive healing energies.




Her mission is to inspire others to find soulful connections within themselves and with others. They want women and men to feel empowered by wearing the jewelry and feeling protected against whatever life throws at them. Love Soul Design jewelry and accessories are meant to protect you and remind you of staying true to yourself, allowing the positive energies in your life, and repelling negative energies at all times.

I love all of the new jewelry, especially the beaded bracelets that look amazing layered together. I’ve already purchased an evil eye bracelet… one of my favorite symbols. I hope you love it as much as we do at Kiskadee.


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