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Every year, season, month (and sometimes daily!), the fashion industry announces the next hottest item.  Sorting through all of it can feel like a full-time job, and is for many fashion writers, especially when overwhelmed with all of the fashion information on social media, magazines, blogs…I could go on and on. Customers ask me all the time for a few must-buy items.  I want to share a “cheat sheet” of some perfect items for warmer weather and for summer vacation!

The Kaftan


If you flipped through the May issues of InStyle, Glamour, or Vogue, you are sure to see at least one (more likely seven) kaftans throughout the magazine.  Why does the fashion industry love them so much?  Because they are easy.  These are great for wearing over your bathing suit on the way to the pool, or to grab lunch beachside on vacation.

We love this kaftan made from Turkish towel material because it dries quickly, looks great, and comes with a hood to provide a bit of face protection!

The Beach Sandal

jellies cheat sheet

Remember jellies??  Those amazing sandals from your youth that are back in style, but maybe never actually went away.  Now, imagine jellies + Jack Rogers.  Stylish and oh-so-practical.

These are the perfect beach sandal to keep you looking fashionable while not having to worry about damaging your favorite sandal with the sand, salt, and water.

The Throw-and-Go Dress

julie_brown throw and go

One item that never goes out of style is my all-time favorite: The throw-and-go dress!  This is not a particular cut, color, or fit of a dress, but rather a dress that lives up to its name. You throw it on and head out the door, it really is that simple.  These are so versatile and, honestly, what I live in most year round.

An added bonus on this Julie Brown dress – the gold embellishment lets you keep the accessories simple!

Stay tuned for next week when I share some of my packing tips for a long weekend – whether it’s a family vacation, a getaway with your girlfriends, or escaping Alexandria with your significant other, we have you covered!

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