There’s a new designer in town at Coco Blanca! This gorgeous line of jewelry and homeware in streamlined shapes and styles is expertly crafted with an East Asian flair from three primary materials: stone, horn, and lacquer. L’Indochineur is an equitable trade company, meaning these pieces are created by talented partner-craftsmen in Vietnam, and all trade practices are ethical.

1. Simple, neutral, and refined, pendant necklaces like this lovely black horn piece are what we’re all about this fall.

2. Dress up plain tees and simple structured jackets with one-of-a-kind accessories like this eye-popping and fun floral pendant.

3. This fun circle pendant is one of our favorites from L’Indochineur. The blend of ivory, black, and white is absolutely stunning, and would “pop” over a cranberry-colored top.

4. The black lattice at the heart of this absolutely beautiful lacquered ivory horn pendant catches your eye.

5. These rolled rings are stackable, low-maintenance, and easy to wear! Simply stack multiple rings on your manicured fingers for a subtle, trendy look.

6. Gorgeous tortoiseshell is an unexpected and fun twist on the classic hoop shape. Bonus: they are super light, so they don’t weigh down your ears!

7. While we love a good hoop, these unique flat circles are fun, too! These ivory horn earrings add the perfect mod touch to any outfit.


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Using the soothing color palette of a coconut by the sea—whites, neutrals and splashes of turquoise—Coco Blanca has created a trademark look. Her lifestyle boutique offers expert solutions for home design and women’s fashion—blending a clean, fresh, sophisticated, feel-good style.


210 South Union Street
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  1. Avatar Cydney says:

    What is the price range of horn and lacquer jewelry from Coco Blanca?

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