Last-Minute Furniture Finds Before the First Guests Arrive

Do you have family and friends coming into town for the holidays? Hosting a get together? And really wishing your home had new furniture to make your space even more welcoming but realize since furniture can take up to 12 weeks to arrive, your hopes of pre-holiday delivery have been dashed?

Well our Ivy Lane Holiday House at 116 King may be your Christmas miracle, at least decorating-wise. In addition to charming gifts, lovely home goods, and noteworthy art, we have found the just-right pieces to help you finish those rooms, they are available right now, and can be in your home before Santa makes the rounds in his sleigh.

Maybe a new dining table and chairs for the big feast? Or a more special guest bed for them to rest their heads? An upgraded sofa and chairs for spending time together? At our Holiday House, we have that last piece that will brings the whole room together.





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Alex Deringer and Courtney Cox combine their formal training in design and fashion with their renowned sense of style in Ivy Lane, a full-service interior design firm that curates casually elegant family dwellings that are elevated by a unique spark. Whether an entire house renovation or a one-room makeover, Alex and Courtney’s extensive experience and collaborative dynamic inform a successful design philosophy: thoroughly understand the client’s lifestyle, bring a thoughtful spatial perspective, and enliven the space with the freshest aesthetic interest.

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