Last-Minute Gift Giving: Penny Post & Red Barn Mercantile

I don’t know about you, but inevitably I am left scrambling at the last minute to fill in my last few remaining gifts. They are usually goodies for stockings, a gift for my husband, and something extra-special for my mom who asks for nothing every year. And, then, try as I might, I’m wrapping everything on Christmas Eve while trying to stay awake. Every year, I say I won’t do it…but then I do it.

With only one week left to shop, are you left wondering what to get your loved ones? Well, we have a few ideas for you!


Gifts that Will Delight: Penny Post

Form and function meet in this strikingly sculptural and useful desk tool from WMS&Co. Each self-inking stamp comes with one interchangeable typographic plate that can be completely customized with your information or artwork. Additional plates are available, making this a multi-use object d’art. (Available in multiple sizes and finishes at Penny Post, starting at $170)

Give them the world this holiday season. Your modern-day explorer will love this elegant globe that lights up their world – and their room – with endless travel opportunities. (Available at Penny Post, $125)

Another perfect blend of form and function, these toolboxes are crafted by a small family maker in Parma, Italy. They make keeping your art supplies, writing tools, or hammers and nails stylish as well as handy. (Available at Penny Post, $140)


Gifts that Will Delight: Red Barn Mercantile

Combining vintage style with contemporary design, these hand-printed-on-Belgian-linen pillows pack a punch for any room. Your loved one will really thank you for adding a little bit – no, make that, a lot! – of style this season! (Available at Red Barn Mercantile, $265)

Carefully crafted from water-resistant hardwood, polished brass, and high quality stainless steel, the Picnic Knife is equipped with a fold-out corkscrew and a built-in bottle opener. The scalloped edge cuts easily through bread, meat, and cheese, making it a must-pack for any outdoor dining. Check out the Picnic Knife’s counterparts, The Bartender Knife and the Cheese Knife, too! (Available at Red Barn Mercantile, $35)

Vintage-inspired fabrics and sweet details make our quilted toiletry bags the perfect gift for someone who deserves a little something special. (Available at Red Barn Mercantile, $24 for large and $20 for small)


Stocking Stuffers: Penny Post

For everything from “Honey Do” lists to love notes, this little Dear Husband notepad keeps the lines of communication open in your marriage. (Available at Penny Post, $10)

Sugarfina’s But First, Rosé Gummy Roses are infused with rosé wine, making them extra yummy and extra special for your rosé-loving friend. (Available at Penny Post, $25 for large)

Created specifically for people seeking creative balance away from the daily grind, Blackwing COLORS pencils feature a unique soft, smooth, Japanese color core made specifically for coloring. (Available at Penny Post, $24)


Stocking Stuffers: Red Barn Mercantile

Sydney Hale’s Bergamont & Black Tea candle is our best-selling candle in the entire store. When I tell people that and then they smell it, they immediately say, “Ahhhh, I can see why.” Made with soy wax right in the heart of Virginia, these candles make an extra special gift. And they fit perfectly in the toe of any stocking! (Available at Red Barn Mercantile, $32)

Thinking Putty is one of my favorite things in the store. It’s great for keeping hands that need to be busy busy in a positive way. Think big with Milky Way Thinking Putty. A vast, sparkling violet, it glows with a swirling, shimmering nebula of color in the dark — just like the little galaxy we call home. (Available at Red Barn Mercantile, $18)

What Would Jane Do: Quips and Wisdom from Jane Austen is the perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite literature lover. Jane Austen always knows just the right thing to say. With this pocket collection of quotes from Jane’s novels and letters, they, too, will have a quip for every situation. (Available at Red Barn Mercantile, $10)


  • The latest from Amy
Owner Amy Rutherford started Red Barn because she wanted to deliver a service — to provide both old and new in one place. No longer will busy shoppers be limited to reproductions or forced to shop multiple flea markets for the look or gifts they want. The trick in blending old and new, vintage and modern, classic and quirky, is balance. And Amy’s knack for mixing rustic antiques with urban chic has created a look that is both fresh and familiar.

Red Barn Mercantile opened its doors in September 2007 with a single vision in mind: providing old and new to offer our customers signature whole-room designs at great prices.

We’re more than a furniture boutique and provide more personalized service than a big box retailer. We work hard to bring you the highest quality furniture and gifts, the most unique conversation starters, wall hangings and accent pieces, whether they come from off-the-beaten-track flea markets, or the latest designers.

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Alexandria, VA 22314


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