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French wine and food are some of our favorite things, so when we were introduced to the author of In A French Kitchen, we knew we would become instant friends. We had the lovely experience of meeting Susan Herrmann Loomis, French chef and author of In A French Kitchen, at our book signing party with her last month. She was warm, inviting, and extremely knowledgable about her industry. When she spoke of her experiences in France, it felt as if we were there with her in that French market, hand selecting fresh produce for that night’s meal. She truly has a gift with her words.


Reading her book was an experience in and of itself, she transports you into a quaint French kitchen where you are able to forget about your long and stressful days, and a whole new wave of culinary inspiration pours over you. She teaches you that a delicious decadent meal doesn’t have to be complicated and to stop obsessing over the small things that aren’t important. Most French people cook in tiny kitchens, with minimal countertops and serve their meals on imperfect platters and still each meal comes out looking beautiful. Somehow they are able to do this daily. They serve up a well thought out multi-course meal and still look put together themselves. We always wondered how on earth they do it when we can barely heat up a frozen pizza after a long day at work. Luckily, she shares all of the secrets she has learned from her time in France in her book.


Susan effortlessly captures the essence of French Cuisine in both her book and her cooking. She shares how French people are able to create such masterpieces without any worry or stress and how they treasure their time at the table. I’m sure this means that they don’t bring their cellphones to the table and answer emails in the middle of dinner, probably something we all need to be reminded of. In her book she interviews French chefs, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and they explain how they are able to prepare lovely meals on a daily basis. The crazy thing is they don’t think they are doing anything special at all!



After reading her book, you feel changed when it comes to your time in the kitchen and the meals you are preparing. Instead of looking at it like a chore, it’s something to look forward to. But if somehow preparing Coq en Vin in your own kitchen doesn’t quite feel authentic enough then luckily for us, Susan offers cooking classes so we can experience just that, Cooking In a French Kitchen!


As Audrey Hepburn once said, “Paris is always a good idea.” An even better idea is attending Susan’s cooking classes while in Paris or better yet Louviers, France. During her classes she will emerge you into the French culture and you will learn how to carefully plan out a beautiful meal. Her classes focus on the experience of cooking, learning, tasting, enjoying and laughing. And you will do all of these things! You will work with the season and the region’s finest ingredients then sit down to meals you’ve prepared, all accompanied by fine, small-production wines and locally made cheeses. Sounds like heaven right? She has a wide variety of classes this fall that she would love to have you attend. Find the schedule here and start booking your journey to France today!

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Susan offers a multitude of cooking classes in France and Normandy. Please see the options below and click on the links for more information and to register.


5 Day Cooking Class: During five days at On Rue Tatin you’ll find yourself cooking, laughing, enjoying, tasting, as you settle into the rhythm of life in a small French town. You’ll cook with the finest local and seasonal ingredients, meet the locals, get to know the area, and enjoy sumptuous meals, each accompanied by fine, small-production wines and artisanally made cheeses. Register here.

3 Day Cooking Class: Three days at On Rue Tatin in Louviers is a rich, concentrated experience of cooking, learning, tasting, enjoying, laughing. You will work with the season and the region’s finest ingredients then sit down to meals you’ve prepared, all accompanied by fine, small-production wines and artisanally made cheeses. Register here.

1 Day Cooking Class in Paris: On Rue Tatin Paris classes are located in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Près on the Left Bank. In a beautifully appointed professional kitchen we chop, dice, mince, braise and sauté our way through recipes designed for the home cook, then sit down together to enjoy the meal we have so pleasurably prepared. Morning classes begin with a market tour. Evening classes begin with multiple tastings followed by a hands-on class and a lovely candle-lit dinner. Register here.



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