Lexi’s Cleansing Tell-All

Lexi's Cleansing Tell-All

Something that I pride myself on is that I have religiously washed my face every morning and every night for as long as I can remember. Sure there was the occasional late night in college that led to my eyes being glued shut in the morning with mascara, but for the most part, this face has been well tended. When I had baby fresh skin, my parents drilled into me that a warm washcloth must touch my skin for at least thirty seconds before I was allowed to go to sleep. When the signs of puberty began to emerge, I remember my mom taking me to Target for my first bottle of Purpose face wash. Thankfully, I’ve upgraded from my Purpose days, and puberty is long behind me.

Lexi's Cleansing Tell

People are often astounded when I tell them I do a triple cleanse. Yes, it takes longer, but trust me when I tell you that a single cleanse is not getting everything off your face. It bears repeating. A single cleanse will not get everything off your face. Today’s makeup is made to last. While that’s great for when you’re out and about, it means that you need to take some time taking it off if you’d like to keep that canvas (your mug) smooth. Don’t wear makeup? The same thing goes for SPF. Don’t wear SPF? Girl. Fix your life. (Turns out we can help you do that!)

Lexi's Cleansing Tell

The first step in my cleansing routine is a micellar water.

My favorite is our Micellar Solution from Rilastil. It’s a no-rinse cleanser, so you can use it as a makeup remover or just as a refresher if your face feels grubby. I soak a cotton round with the micellar water and I gently wipe my face, neck, chest, and upper back. Don’t think that you have to cover all that area with one cotton round! I will use at least five on a light makeup day. Essentially, I keep wiping until the cotton rounds come off clean.

Pro tip: Be extra gentle around the eyes. There’s no need to harshly rub that delicate skin. Simply hold the round on your eye for a few moments and gently wiggle until the mascara slides off.

The second step is oil.

If the thought of slathering oil on your face grosses you out, keep in mind that oil cleansers are specifically formulated to emulsify when water is added to them — they won’t just sit on your skin. My current favorite is Dermalogica’s precleanse. I recently took a mini size on my honeymoon, and it’s a new favorite. Apply the oil on a dry face, with dry hands, and take some time to really massage your visage. (See what I did there?) I spend extra time around the nose and chin area where products tend to settle. After about fifteen seconds of massage, add a little bit of water to emulsify the product and massage again. Once all the oil is emulsified, rinse, and pat your skin dry.

The third step is a gel cleanse.

Now, I choose gel cleanser for my oily skin. If you have dry or sensitive skin, come into the store and we can find the perfect third step cleanser for you. I am by no means cleanser-loyal! I have my current favorite and approximately five backups ready to roll at. all. times. Right now, I’m using Mario Badescu’s Botancial Facial Gel. This cleanser is ideal for oily skin, plus it has grapefruit extract, a natural alpha hydroxy acid, to gently exfoliate the skin. I use a generous amount and gently massage my face and neck. As I rinse, I continue to massage until my face rinses clean. Don’t worry, you don’t have to look like a Neutrogena commercial, but do make sure to totally rinse the product off your face.

The whole process really only takes about five minutes. Try and think of it as five minutes less Instagram time before bed, which is bad for you anyway. Win/win! Your skin and your sleep schedule will thank you.


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