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And we want to make sure you are in the know about the coolest things in our community to make your life even richer and fuller. From restaurant reports to first-hand notes on topics far and wide, our contributors share a wealth of ideas, funny stories, and lots of entertainment recommendations.

Street Style: Celeste Crutchfield

Big news! Introducing Celeste Crutchfield, the brand new owner of Kiskadee! We are so thrilled to welcome her and we know you are going to love her as much as we do.  Neil […]

How To Combat Those Allergy Eyes: I’ll Huff and De-Puff…

Over the years I’ve lived here, I’ve heard so many people express their dismay that they’d never had seasonal allergies until they moved to the good ol’ DMV. The pollen situation here is […]

Next Week is Teacher Appreciation Week: Here’s How To Show Your Teacher Some Love

The first week in May is Teacher Appreciation Week.  It’s one of the many weeks out of the year that we get to show our teachers how thankful we are for all that […]

Why Is Everything Sleeveless?!

Recently a reader wrote in with a very good question — “Why is everything sleeveless?” – and honestly it wasn’t something I’d really pondered. Maybe because I am always hot, I’ve greeted the […]

A Newfound Love of Theater (…and a Shameless Plug!)

I’m sure many of us have found ourselves attracted to the hobbies of our children with a fervor we never felt until they began their involvement in them.  I watch baseball games with […]

Sister/Sister: The Exuma Edition

We have a thing for sister designers: Twine & Twig, Lizzie Fortunato, Veronica Beard, and now Exuma. But we didn’t realize twin sisters Deborah and Elisa were behind the Bahamian brand started in […]

We All Scream for Nicecream

Nicecream just opened on King Street and the timing could not be better. We are heading into prime ice cream season—even though, truly, all weather is ice cream weather—and now have another great […]

8 Steps To Style the Perfect Bookshelf

Back in December I was lucky enough to participate in an article in the Washington Post on how to style the perfect bookshelf.  Three other designers and I offered up a few good […]

Here’s What To Do with All Those Hard-Boiled Eggs

Easter is such a beautiful time.  The earth awakens with chirping birds, flowering trees, and pink cherry blossoms.  Families come together, the children dress for church, and Easter egg hunts abound.  However, the […]

Alexandria Stylebook 6 Picks

This week’s obsessions includes perfect summer sandals, an adorable serving tray and a stunning top . But we want you to share your favorite things with us, too! Don’t forget to share your favorite […]

Restaurant Report: Duck Donuts

    I know it’s spring now and we should therefore be working on our beach bods, but Duck Donuts just put a wrench in my plans—and I’m okay with it. New to […]

AR Workshop: The New Wine & Paint Night

    Wondering what to do for your next neighborhood social event? Feeling artsy but unsure of where to direct your creative energy? Needing a personalized gift for a friend or something to […]

Spring Break 2017

This spring, I, along with two other moms, am chaperoning our high school senior sons’ Spring Break trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas. The boys proposed their trip by composing “to the parents” […]

8 Do’s and Don’ts for Perfect Senior Portraits

I think we can all agree we’ve been spoiled the past few weeks with some incredibly beautiful and unexpected warm weather (though there have been some exceptions, as I write this it’s currently […]

Where We’re Dining this Alexandria Restaurant Week

Alexandria Restaurant Week is here again! As diehard fans of our home’s flourishing restaurant scene, we always look forward to Alexandria’s biannual Restaurant Week as a time to try new places and see […]

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