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Independence Day Plans!

Independence Day is right around the corner. We’re ready to celebrate with cook-outs, pool side stories and fireworks on the Potomac. Here are our top picks for the holiday, what are yours? Darby: (numbers 1-5) The […]

Building a Great Design Book Library

There are so many reasons to love a great design book! They are excellent sources for inspiration and can be valuable in helping you identify your style. And, like any book, they make […]

Hey Britt! How’s the Market?

 615 Oakley Place Thanks for asking! I am happy to report that the 2016 spring market has been very strong throughout all of Alexandria. Overall, the market is up 6.9 percent from May […]

Restaurant Report: South Block Juice Co. in Del Ray

I wouldn’t say we’re obsessed with South Block. We only go about 2-4 times a week. We haven’t tried every kind of acai bowl, smoothie, or juice. We’ve only been practicing how to […]

What Your Teeth Say about Your Health

Yes, I am a dentist, but patients come to my practice with wellness questions that would seem to go far beyond oral health: being fatigued, wanting to lose weight, seeking quality sleep, and […]

National Rosé Day!

Did you know there is a National Rosé Day?  It happens to be tomorrow and I couldn’t be happier about it.  I plan to celebrate it in a big way.  The latest Cote […]

Architectural Alexandria: 319 Mansion Drive

  When I think of Alexandria style, I think of the best of both worlds: classic with a touch of modern, colonial meets 2016; elegant and tasteful, never overdone; formal but familial, cozy […]

3 Super Easy Ways To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

If you’ve ever gone through the home shopping process, you know that some houses just have it. While you might find some homes a bit lackluster and uninspiring, there are others that catch […]

Memorial Day Menu: Susie’s Picnic-Perfect Pasta Salad

You saw perfect picnic outfits in Alexa’s post above, now it’s time to think about what dish to prepare for those neighborhood picnics, parties, and barbeques this weekend. My go-to for the season […]

A Very Alexandria Wedding: Diet & Exercise, Part 1

Every bride has big plans to lose weight and look fabulous on her wedding day. For me, the real struggle with weight loss and exercise has come from my routine—or lack thereof. I […]

Stylebook Recommends: Summer Reads

Sun! Warmth! A long weekend! Maybe you’re headed to the beach, maybe your pool opens, but hopefully you’ll find a spot in the sun to relax and read. From YA to beach reads, […]

A Sense of Place and 100 Years of Style

One of the things I admire most about my husband is his strong sense of place. To know him is to know East Tennessee. To clarify, all I need to tell you is […]

Restaurant Report: Ashlar Restaurant + Bar

The ambiance at Ashlar is unlike any other. Walk into the historic Morrison House on S. Alfred Street, turn left, and—after your eyes adjust to the artfully dim lighting—you’ll see a Great Gatsby-meets-colonial […]

Not Sleeping? See the Dentist

SLEEP…a hot topic for sure. We all know the importance of sleep and how the lack of quality sleep can create physical, mental, and emotional problems. We hear it in the media all […]

Tips on Love and Life: A Letter to a Friend

Dear Friend, Congratulations. In just a few short months, you will marry the man you love. A man who treasures you. Your partner in crime, your partner in life. You will dance and […]

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