Like, Totally Awesome: 80s-Inspired Fashion

It’s the dead of summer and so hot outside, but let me tell you, inside the doors of The Shoe Hive and The Hive (along with our AC blasting) we are popping with pre-fall essentials! Recently while I was merchandising The Hive, I thought there was so much correlation to the 80s that I suddenly felt inspired to do a post highlighting the cycle of fashion and how everything truly resurfaces again.

There was something so punk-rock about the 80s and I just love that vibe. You had many contrasting styles, as well: high-waisted (somewhat tight) jeans vs. baggy, loose fitting trousers (what we now refer to as the culotte); a sheer, layering ensemble vs. the full-on power suit. Sequins vs. plaids. The list goes on. But what I loved about the 80s is how many trends there were and how many of those trends are very current at the moment. I had my fabulous sis-in-law model some of my favorite looks to make that 80s vibe feel current.


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Born and raised in Texas, Katie graduated from The University of Arizona with a major in Retail & Consumer sciences and has worked for numerous other big name retail brands. Wanting something family-oriented, with a close tie to its community and its customers brought her looking for work in Old Town. Prior to getting back into the retail world, Katie was the Vice President of Sales for her family’s company in the Scrap Metal Recycling industry. Trading her hardhat and boots for Ulla Johnson dresses and Vince sneakers, she has found her perfect fit at The Shoe Hive & The Hive. Katie and her husband Ryan moved to the Alexandria area in 2016 with their two dogs and are currently expecting their first child.

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