The Local Bloggers I Am Currently Following and Loving

When I first started as a personal stylist, I often used celebrities to help clients define their personal styles. Are you an Audrey Hepburn? A Kate Moss? These days, though, I also turn to fashion bloggers to help my clients assess and define their personal styles. The range of styles, the mix of brands and price points, the creative ways they put together looks, and the diversity of women in blogging help inspire my clients to see themselves in a way they may not have seen themselves before.

Here are the local bloggers I am currently following and loving. Some are newer to the blogging game and some are tried-and-true fashion inspiration. For a little fun, I have included the Alexandria Stylebook boutique where they would most likely shop.



Prerana is a “30-something who regularly finds herself on the misadventures of figuring out life.” Broadcloth is focused on fashion for the modern working girl with bits of lifestyle and travel thrown in. “I love versatile pieces that create a timeless, classic look, peppered with on-trend items.” She even has a post on her take on a style uniform. What I love about Prerana is you can imagine that hanging out with her would be just as much fun as raiding her closet.

Prerana would shop at TSALT for her sexy, sassy, modern vintage style.


Simply Sylvia

Sylvia, a former attorney turned fashion/lifestyle blogger, is a true fashion chameleon. A “former Parisian who brings that effortless, ‘je ne sais quoi’ touch to life and style in the nation’s capital,” Sylvia’s looks are aspirational. At the same time, though, you can imagine that she dresses this fabulously every day! She came to serve and boy does she. I love her fearless pattern mixing, layering, and accessorizing. There is joy in each and every look. Sylvia inspires us all to just have fun with fashion, no matter what your age, station in life, etc.

Sylvia would shop at The Hive for designers like Isabel Marant and Golden Goose.


Politics & Fashion

I started following Tashira a few years ago and loved her mix of style and self introspection. She lives life to the fullest, one bold look at a time. She plays with strong hues and daring silhouettes. With a love for “lipstick and liberation,” Tashira also has no problem with taking a stance on current social issues. She recently shared her story on being diagnosed with breast cancer, explaining how this has impacted her transition in fashion and beauty.

Tashira would shop at TSALT and The Hive for brands like Ulla Johnson, Tibi, and Veronica Beard.


Wardrobe Oxygen

Alison has been blogging about style and fashion for more than 10 years. She is committed to providing fashion advice “for all women regardless of age, size or budget.” Her biggest piece of advice? “Quality, not Quantity.” She not only preaches this, but shows it by styling many of her pieces over and over again in new ways. Her most popular posts are her capsule wardrobe posts. As a working mom herself, she understands the need for style on a budget that is “great for comfort and longevity.” This is what I love about Alison: she is not the aspirational blogger, but the relatable one.

Alison would shop at Kiskadee and The Hive for her Classic+Boho+Rocker style.


District of Chic

Elisabeth’s style is never one-note. It’s why I have been following her for years. Just when you think you have her pegged as a classic prepster…she layers an oversize blazer over biking shorts. She keeps you guessing, but the one thing that always remains a constant is her innate elegance.

Elisabeth would shop at The Hive for tailored and on-trend look.

Tanvi brings her eclectic background to her style, growing up in New Delhi, India, to moving to Dubai, then Switzerland, stopping in the U.K. for a short while before ending up in Maryland with her husband. She has created her blog to be “an eccentric, creative, and stylish place for women of all ages.” She loves mixing color and pattern in unexpected ways, and is unapologetically daring. My favorite is when she features her gorgeous and ornate cultural looks.

Tanvi would shop at TSALT for her eclectic and colorful style.


Currently Courtney

Courtney, originally from Mississippi, has a fresh, flirty, and approachable style. I love that her blog speaks to a younger audience looking for the most current, on-trend looks at an accessible price point. I think of Courtney as the style blogger for the “every girl.”

Courtney would shop at Kiskadee for her girl-next-door style.


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