“I loved every square inch of this house…”

Alexandria, Virginia and Savannah, Georgia are two of my favorite towns. It just so happens I have a small house in each city. They are so similar in so many ways. Just like Alexandria, many of the streets in Savannah are cobblestone. Each is on a river, they have a ton of history, complete with ghost tours and beautiful old architecture, and have lots of local color. But the most exciting part is both towns are growing by leaps and bounds! A lot of old is being met with lots of new. It is a beautiful marriage in both locales.

Savannah is a charming city, full of oak trees dressed in beautiful Spanish moss set in the middle of beautiful old courtyards and squares. Since my oldest daughter is getting married in Savannah next spring, I will be traveling to Savannah more often than usual. My last visit I incorporated a visit to Traditional Home’s Southern Style Now Showhouse.

This showhouse is in an amazing Greek Revival home in Savannah’s Historic District, built in 1854, with view of Monterey Square. The house has original architectural detail and creative designers came from all over the East Coast, New York, Nashville, and Atlanta to create an impeccably stylish home, re-envisioned for 21st century living. As the editor in chief of Traditional Home said, “I feel like we are standing at the crossroads of history and modernity, and does it ever look amazing!”

This house was worth the tour. As Jared Hughes, designer from Atlanta said, “There is an old guard of southern design that is still absurdly relevant, and a new wave of people perfecting traditional southern design aspects with fresh, more youthful nods.”

I took some pictures to share here. I loved every square inch of this house, full of design inspiration and dripping in southern hospitality. In fact, one thing I thought worth noting was that almost every room had its own bar; I guess that is in keeping with the south’s boozy reputation!


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