A Wallpaper Workshop in Lovely London

During Ivy Lane’s summer sabbatical, the ladies of the Lane have headed out for adventure. I have made my way across the pond to jolly ol’ England and have found all kinds inspiration! London offers visitors almost everything. As one of the most cosmopolitan cities worldwide, there is never a lack of variety.

While here, I chose to take the opportunity to dive into a more hands-on design experience. I signed up for a wallpaper workshop in the artsy area of Hackney Wick. The day was spent in the studio of an amazingly talented artist named Daniel Heath. As a young artist he has already seen notable success with commissions for the likes of Stella McCartney, and one of his original patterns was chosen by Anthropologie for all their stores.

During our workshop he showed us all the beautiful patterns he had designed and drawn by hand. Some in more classic Audubon styles…

…and other, more modern interpretations of Art Deco designs.

He gave instruction on how to create our own designs with repeating patterns. No easy task I might add.

After our tutorial, we were able to get our hands dirty with the colors and silk screens in his studio and develop our own sample sheet of wallpaper. I worked with one of his peacock silk screens using a black and white contrast background and adding metallic colors in copper, gold and silver! It was such a cool experience and have found an additional, unique bespoke resource to bring home with me and add to the Ivy Lane collection. What made it even more fun was how down to earth he was and truly excited about his craft.

The entire experience was an A+, or, as the English might say, it was “Brilliant!” He is scheduled to release a new collection of patterns next year, using his talent to bring awareness for nature and some endangered species. I will be very keen to see and admire his new pieces. No doubt they will be beautifully detailed works of art.

I forgot to mention he took us out to an English pub for a pint after the workshop! Loads of fun and even had a celebrity sighting with a “Game of Thrones” actress. Very timely and pure happy coincidence.


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