Magic Night Cap

I make no secret of the fact that Living Proof products are my jam. I’ve never had to worry about one stripping my color, frizzing my hair, or — on the flipside — leaving it lifeless and greasy. I love that everything smells the same, leaving no room for the classic dilemma, “I love the way this smells but it’s totally wrong for my hair but I hate the one that is right for my hair so I’ll use the wrong one anyway.” But I digress. This post isn’t about that. It’s about a star of the line (in my opinion): Perfect hair Day (PhD) Night Cap Overnight Perfector.

The benefits of this overnight hair treatment are cumulative, so keep using it, even if you don’t notice immediate results. Over time, with consistent usage — which is, for the record, the key to getting good results from most products — you’ll notice that your hair looks and feels healthier. After several weeks of using this regularly on my hair before bed, I noticed that my hair elastic didn’t leave that telltale mark anymore, and it felt…I don’t know, luscious, maybe? My hair also stays shinier and my blowouts last longer when I commit to using this product. A definite must-have in your hair product wardrobe!

This product is safe for keratin and other straightening treatments and color, lasts through multiple shampoos (including clarifying ones), can be applied on wet or dry hair, and can be left on or rinsed out the next day. Call to reserve your genie in a bottle! 703-299-9652

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  1. Jaime Stephens says:

    Elizabeth, you have sold me. Please save one for me – I will be by this week to collect.

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