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Women fill many roles each day – whether it’s mom, boss, therapist, chef, fixer, friend, sister, driver, spouse, and a thousand other Wonder Woman jobs. We rarely embody just one at a time; we are always multitasking and working hard to better our lives, support our families, and be friends to our cohorts. Since you work so hard every day – why shouldn’t your beauty products? Especially if it will save you some time, or help you out in a tight spot. Here are some double (or triple!) duty beauty products that serve more than just a single purpose, with a little creativity.

1. Smith’s Rosebud Salve: This cult classic tin of rosy goodness can be used not only on your lips, but also rubbed into cuticles, and cracked elbows and knees. Rub a small between the tips of your fingers, and it can also be used to smooth down fly-aways or seal split ends. Kiehl’s luxurious Crème de Corps moisturizer is also good for this, if you have thicker hair.

2. Loose powder: Not just to prevent shiny foreheads anymore. If you dust loose powder on your lashes immediately following a first coat of mascara, it will plump and add volume as the second coat of mascara glides over the powder. Another use – to create a matte lip, pat a small amount of loose powder over your lipstick, and voila!

3. Crème lipstick: Looking pale but no blush in your bag? Rub a small amount of crème lipstick on your fingertips, and lightly dot along your cheekbones, blending as you go. You can also use darker plum or wine lipsticks as cream eyeshadow for a dramatic look – just keep the rest of your makeup simple and your lower lashes clean… it’s a fine line between looking high fashion and looking like you lost a bar fight.

4. Shimmery shadow: These shadows, if neutral, can pull double weight as a face highlighter. Stila’s Kitten shadow is a good example – use a fan brush to dust along your cheekbones, temples, bridge of nose and/or cupid’s bow for a summer glow.

5. Brown eyeliner: Have a brown eye pencil? Does it match your hair, or a shade a darker? Then no need to purchase a separate eyebrow product. Just make sure to sharpen it really well to mimic the natural hairs of your brow. A neutral brown shadow can also be used on your brows, although it works best if you have a small angled brush for ease of application.

Even if you don’t carry a full makeup bag in your purse, just one or two of the above items can help keep your look fresh all day.

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