Makeup Personality Quiz!

A couple weeks ago, you all humored my inner teenager and took our skin type quiz. Today, for your quizzing pleasure, have a Makeup Personality Quiz!

They say there’s a perfect red lip for every person…

A.) Um, absolutely not.

B.) Oh, totally. Probably several by this point. It’s 2017 after all.

C.) I suppose that’s true. But it has to be worn with a very simple eye to work for someone.

False lashes are for…

A.) Other people.

B.) Saturday!

C.) Weddings, maybe prom.

How long does it take you to do your makeup in the morning?

A.) About five minutes, maybe 10 if I’ve got something important going on.

B.) Let’s see…30 minutes on a weekday, probably closer to an hour if I’m going full contour and lashes for a night out.

C.) 15, 20 minutes. I don’t like to rush, but I’m not getting fancy.

What do you think of when I say the word “highlighter?”

A.) Markers?

B.) Jouer Citrine, Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight, Stila One Step Illuminate…

C.) Markers, I guess. But this is a makeup quiz, so…maybe also brightener?

Do you have a signature makeup look?

A.) I keep it simple, so I suppose that’s my signature look.

B.) I couldn’t pick just one signature!

C.) Yes, one for work and one for evenings out.

If you picked mostly A, you guessed it: You’re a Makeup Minimalist. You know how much space in your life you’re willing to devote to makeup, and it isn’t much. Focus instead on taking great care of your skin! 

If you picked mostly B, you’re a Makeup Maximizer, like all of us at Bellacara! (Related: want a job?) You are never afraid to try a makeup trend, and you love to switch up your daily makeup routine. Don’t forget to stay up to date on deep cleansing, exfoliating, and masking, to keep your un-made-up face looking fabulous.

If you picked mostly C, you’re a Makeup Moderate. You enjoy getting dolled up from time to time, but you have your wheelhouse look that works for you every day. Don’t be afraid to branch out and try a trendy look occasionally, and–you guessed it–always be sure to keep your skin healthy, whether you’re wearing a full face or just a dash of concealer. 

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