If Makeup Were a Sport…Wedding Season Is Here!

Wedding season is almost upon us! If you’re getting married this summer, you’re probably starting the process of finalizing your bookings and trials for hair, makeup, and possibly nails. If your wedding is later on, you’re likely beginning to research where to get your beauty services done for the day. This will be one of the biggest days of your personal life, and it’s only natural to want to look your best. Thankfully, there are scores of professionals who have committed to a life of helping you do just that!

Some things to know before you go:

Go with a vision…

When you say “smoky eye” or “loose up-do,” your artist probably has a preconceived notion of what those terms mean, as do you. The disconnect comes when you and your artist have different preconceived notions of what these phrases mean. A picture can help your stylist or artist marry your vision with your words.

…but be open to suggestions.

Presumably, you’ve hired your beauty team because you like their work. Sometimes the look you love simply won’t be the most flattering for your face or eye shape, won’t jive with your wedding theme, or won’t stand out in the pictures you’re about to drop a chunk of change on. Bear in mind your hairstylist and makeup artist do these things every day. This is what they know best, so try to trust them if they tell you that gold body paint really won’t read that well in your photos.

Understand timing.

If you’ve got a big wedding party, make a point to talk with your beauty team about timing and the possibility of coordinating with other stylists. If you’re the only one who needs hair and makeup, your pros should be able to tackle that in a jiff, no problem. If you pull a Jane from 27 Dresses and have everyone and their sister stand up with you, you’ll need more time and more people to help your main stylist and/or makeup artist complete your vision.

Take their advice and be ready to roll.

Some stylists prefer day-old hair for formal styles, some prefer clean, some prefer to wash it themselves first and rough dry before styling. Some makeup artists will recommend a day-before regimen of exfoliation or masking, others won’t. (All will recommend you drink all the water in existence and get plenty of sleep!) Again, this is the time to touch base with them to figure out what you should be doing to ensure your hair and face look their absolute best on your wedding day.

Best wishes as you close in on your wedding day! May your day be breezy and cool, your bridesmaids be sane, and your makeup look flawless.

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