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Hi friends,

Our incredible Stylebook Editor Leigh has worked above and beyond getting us to submit posts and remind us always of how fabulous our Alexandria community is. I am sad that my shop is currently closed but I value every employee and client of ours. Please know how much we love you.

I recently ran into (not literally since we are practicing social distancing) a woman who had the most amazing mask on. I questioned her and it turns out it is a friend of hers that works full-time and then stays up all night making these masks. She is exceptional. I’m so impressed by her and have offered my bolts of fabric upstairs in my shop to her and any of you if you endeavor to make masks yourselves. Contact me if you would like some and I’ll leave a yard for you at the front door. I can also deliver within reasonable distance if you aren’t able to leave your home.




This amazing woman is Camille Wintson-Waid. She lives in Prince George’s County and she and her friends are all clients of ours in Old Town. She started making face masks the beginning of March for friends working in the healthcare field and has donated her “spare” time making them and gifting them to healthcare workers, fireman, and postal workers. I am so impressed by her untiring commitment to help others. I hope that you all will be as well. She can be reached at if you would like to purchase masks or donate to help her. She truly is an exceptional woman in these difficult times, and I feel fortunate to be her acquaintance.





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    I try to get one redskin and one dallas

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