Meet Maria Escobar, Master Colorist

Maria Escobar is the newest member of Bazzak. We recently sat down with her to learn more about her, her specialty (amazing color)…and why she doesn’t actually cut hair…

How many years have you been working as a hair stylist?

It’s been more than 18 wonderful years. I started my career in the mid 90’s as an assistant to Sheila McGurk, who was a great mentor for me. Sheila was essential in my development as a stylist and I’ll always appreciate her.

What’s your favorite part about Bazzak Salon?

I love Bazzak. I get to work with some really talented stylists and Marzie has given me the freedom to do what I do best, so my transition has been very smooth. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

A recent blonde balayage, during and after.

What would you say is your specialty?

Coloring hair to make it look as natural as possible. Adding highlights and lowlights can create real dimension, and then I hand you off for a haircut to finish off your style. I’m also known for working on blondes and platinum blondes, which is something I love.

What do you think about the silver hair trend?

It’s beautiful, but I think people don’t understand that achieving the coveted silver tone will not happen in one sitting. It’s a long, multi-visit process that involves hours of bleaching, which can be really damaging to the hair. When it’s done definitely enjoy it while it lasts because the chemical haircut will start setting in, which means your hair will start breaking off and we don’t want that!


What hair product do you think every woman should have?

A product like Lissea from Rene Furterer is one of my top recommendations. It’s a thermal nourishing spray that protects hair from the damage of heat styling. Another great option is a hair, skin, and nail supplement or just a biotin vitamin, which will help with thinning hair and promote growth. My go-to in this area is Vitalfan by Rene Furterer.

Do you have fun at work?

I do! I love seeing my clients and chatting it up. Most of my clients have been with me for a long time and I have great relationships with them. I’ve seen them get married and have children, but I also love welcoming new clients to my chair and developing that rapport with them.

It’s a little known fact that you don’t cut hair. Why is that?

It’s not that cutting hair didn’t interest me, but my passion was more coloring hair and creating something beautiful. My clients always leave happy and that’s always inspiring to me.

Speaking of inspiration, who inspires you?

My son. He’s my life and just like any mother I would do anything for him. He’s ready to graduate high school this summer and I’m excited for him, but I’m not ready for him to leave for college. I’m hoping he’ll stay nearby.

If you were to retire today, what is your dream destination?

I keep telling my husband that I want something in the country, but he insists on a beach somewhere. So maybe we can compromise with a lakefront property or something of like that!

What do you do when you leave work?

I like to go out to dinner with friends and hang out a bit and unwind. I also like to put my feet up and read a book.

Dogs or Cats?



  1. Avatar Jacky Sher Raker says:

    Love seeing Maria profiled! Not only is she a fantastic colorist, a part of my dream glam team, she’s a woman with a heart of gold!

  2. She is a color genius! I had a terrible time finding a colorist in this area that wasn’t obsessed with the “ashy” blonde. Maria is a lovely person and very, very good at her job.

  3. Avatar Sam says:

    I’ve been going to Maria for 16 years! I still remember the first day she did my hair. It was the first time I walked out of a hair salon feeling wonderful. Although I’m moving to California this summer, I’ll still be back to have my hair done. She’s the best!

  4. Avatar Olivia Michener says:

    Maria is beautiful–both inside and out! She is tactful when giving suggestions for what will look best and then executing the highlights/lowlights to enhance one’s look–especially for us “mature” clients. I have followed her to Bazzak and love the salon and staff!

  5. Avatar Mary beth says:

    I have been going to Maria for over 15 years (and I am NOT that old !) . . . and have worked all over the world but ALWAYS come back to Maria. Its more than technique . . .she has natural talent and instincts that are simply exceptional. No matter how long I am away (and how messed up my color gets because I revert to “self help”), Maria fixes me up and has me walking out looking natural, beautiful and energized. As I age, I sometimes feel and look tired, washed out and a little frumpy ….you have no idea what a fresh color and shine will do for you ! Maria for color; Marzie for a cut and you wont regret it !

  6. Avatar Elke W says:

    Maria I found you again. Yay! It’s me Elke (half Dominican girl). You were my stylist during the Sheila years. I will be making my next appt with you in July.

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