street style: megan podolsky

Next up on our week of street style, Megan, owner of 529 Kids Consign. Megan’s career in retail began in the mid nineties standing in front of a woodsy smelling Abercrombie and Fitch. Sporting an oversized plaid flannel and bootcut jeans, she said hello to every customer that eagerly walked in to the popular retailer.  Little did Megan know that, while creating a perfect “denim wall” and dressing in all of the latest fashion that the lifestyle brand offered she was building the foundation for her future career!


After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, Megan managed multiple A&F stores before she moved on to an assistant buyer position in contemporary dresses at the local Arlington based retailer Hecht’s (now Macy’s). She gained an immeasurable amount of knowledge before moving onto a different facet of the business at Calvin Klein Jeans. Megan worked her way from retail coordinator to East-Coast regional manager helping to create the Calvin Klein aesthetic in department stores from Boston to Miami.

After her first son Ethan was born, her position at CKJ was eliminated, due to the harsh economic conditions at the time. This is how 529 was born! Megan quickly began to see how fast Ethan was growing out of his clothing. She knew other moms had the same amount of adorable “gently-worn” clothing piling up. Combining her love of retail and her obsession with dressing Ethan gave her the idea to try and sell this clothing. 529 became a popular “pop-up” shop in the Alexandria area and once the following was big enough, a brick and mortar store in historic Old Town. 529 Kids Consign exemplifies who Megan is and what she has learned throughout her career. It’s a warm, well-organized, well edited boutique that attracts moms from all over the DC metro area.

When she is not at 529 or hanging with her boys you can definitely find her scoping out the sale racks and checking for designer finds, working out or getting her nails done!  When she is finished with all of that, she is home enjoying a good glass of wine with her amazingly supportive husband! Megan and her boys are wearing Supergas and a necklace from The Shoe Hive.



In 2014 529 will be expanding down the parkway to Hollin Hall!


Photos by @RashmiPappu

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