Peri and Menopause Relief is Achievable!

Relief from the following symptoms is not only possible, it is probable. Symptoms like weight gain, anxiety, sleeplessness, night sweats, hot flashes, sexual pain, or loss of libido – all due to hormone shifts – could be in your past (not present).

Are you over 40? Join me in welcoming a respected and recognized leader in women’s health issues, particularly with regard to perimenopause and menopause, Dr. James A. Simon, August 11 at 5pm on Zoom.

*Update* Due to overwhelming response, a second event has been added on August 18th at 5pm on Zoom. Click here for details.


Are perimenopause and menopause topics you:

…suffer through because the options are daunting and scary?

…have heard meds cause Breast Cancer?

…are embarrassed to talk about even with your longtime OB/GYN?

…think you know enough about it, yet secretly would love to learn more?

…think it’s everyone else’s issue, not yours?

…wonder if that is why you can’t lose the extra 10 around your waistline?



I am so excited to host Dr. Simon, one of the country’s top leaders in women’s health and menopause.

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Not quite sure if you are in menopause yet or approaching it? Join us. Dr. Simon will know.

During perimenopause, in your thirties and forties, you are approaching menopause. You see, each month, the brain talks to the ovaries and signals the body to produce estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone for the purpose of procreation. As we age, the process of ovulation begins to slow and becomes erratic. Your ovaries are beginning their long phase of “retirement” causing what may seem like mild symptoms that you don’t even recognize as part of this process. Welcome to peri and menopause and its toughest symptom: stress.



The top five symptoms are below with mood changes being the top symptom:

  • • mood changes
  • • anxiety
  • • sleep disruptions
  • • hot flashes (or night sweats)
  • • weight gain around the mid-section
  • • loss of muscle mass


You may still have a monthly cycle. Yet the cycle is irregular and unreliable, causing the brain to be frustrated and fight you. Your ovaries can still make estrogen and progesterone, yet not reliably and not in the right quantities. During this time, you can even get pregnant. This process, perimenopause, lasts on average four to eight years.

The top symptom for perimenopause is anxiety.

Menopause officially starts when you no longer have your period for 12 consecutive months. It lasts for the rest of your life. Yes, menopause never ends.

While the brain was confused when you experienced perimenopause, it is now really fighting you because you are no longer producing its beloved hormone, estrogen, which has receptors in almost every organ in the body.


  • • Regulates body temperature and mood
  • • Advances ovulation and makes the lining of the uterus soft, and ready for implanting an embryo
  • • Almost every organ in our body has estrogen receptors: heart, bone, brain, bladder, breast, vagina, colon, skin
  • • Is vital for overall health and wellness. Estrogen is a part of who we are as women, and also as humans aiming to thrive


About a year ago, I sent a call to you to consider menopause as a new awakening, a new way to approach your life and your wellness. I also emphasized the importance of seeking the help of a menopause specialist.

Here is one of our top menopause specialists who actually was President of the North American Menopause Society.

Dr. Simon, who is not only a menopause specialist, he is an internationally recognized researcher and clinician on perimenopause and menopause and other women’s health issues. Dr. Simon is a past president of the Washington Gynecological Society, and currently is the President of the International Society for Study of Women’s Sexual Health.

Could we get any better?

Yes! Dr. Simon is my menopause specialist and friend and helped me overcome a myriad of menopause-related issues all through his gentle and kind approach.



Dr. Simon knows perimenopause and menopause. He continues to amaze me, not only with his kind and gentle disposition, yet with his continued vocation to help women feel whole and well. Like me!

So, what can you expect from our workshop?

To learn from a gentle and kind doctor who has your best interests in mind

Honest answers about a range of topics on women’s health

The right options (natural, diet-based, bio-identical, hormone therapy, and more) for you, no matter where you are on the peri-menopause – menopause continuum


I plan to interview Dr. Simon with questions. Please send questions to me at before August 7. This way, if you prefer to remain anonymous, you can still come and have your question answered!

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If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it 500 times, “I am not in peri-menopause. I still have my cycle.” Or, I hear, “I’m finished with menopause.”

I also hear, “Menopause cannot be the reason I’m holding onto extra weight around my waistline and I am always stressed.” Last, and very often I hear, “I exercise, watch my diet, and have night sweats, and become pretty irritable more now. There’s no way I’m in peri-or menopause.”

Menopause is a topic that draws great emotion. This is partly because it is a sign of aging, and partly because there is so much (mis)information in the media. I want you to get it straight from the source of the professional who has conducted over 300 clinical trials on women’s health issues.

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Come learn how you can take charge of your future and your wellness. Learn from one of our country’s leading authorities. Come meet Dr. James A. Simon

I closed the doors of Fitness on the Run and founded Alexandria Wellness last year so I could work with women to help them feel better, stronger, and more in control of their lives. It is a passion for me to help women be more comfortable – and accepting of their bodies especially during the most exciting time of their lives: perimenopause and menopause. I know I am literally at my best at 53. I am stronger, more in control of my days and life and feel an authentic sense of self. Thanks in large part to working with Dr. Simon.

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Adrien founded Fitness on the Run in 2004 out of her home after a successful career in policy and public affairs communications. After spending 15 years developing her own personal definition of wellness and watching thousands struggle with theirs, in January 2019 Adrien founded Alexandria Wellness, the home for the Concierge Wellness Program and Corporate Wellness with Adrien Cotton. Over the course of 15 years, “FOR” was home to more than 2,000 clients, 30 instructors, and hundreds of inspirational success stories. Adrien is now, more-than-ever, passionate about helping women view their fitness as a journey, not a quick fix. Adrien’s recipe for success herself has evolved from a rigid training plan of sweaty and heart pumping workouts to some days getting in her 10,000 steps, consciously breathing, her 7.5 hours of sleep, and her beloved 5-Minute Flow. Adrien believes the most important ingredient is making small changes for big results, even if it’s one new habit formed each month. Still passionate about fitness, Adrien’s clients appreciate her ability to make sessions seriously challenging without a “beat down,” a healthy mix of strength and metabolic (cardio) work and ultimately helping her clients gain real strength in mind and body. She believes we all benefit from being curious about our bodies and that change, or improvement, is within reach despite what your “inner voice” or others may tell you. Adrien is bubbling with excitement to help women learn the importance of a comprehensive approach to wellness, weight loss, and contentedness with yourself, and that every person has the right to feel good about themselves. Most days, you can find her helping clients with their wellness, listening to success stories, and bragging about her twin 13-year-old children and “fittest man in Alexandria” Bill Cotton. Adrien prides herself on her practice of mindfulness, meditation, and putting it all into perspective.

Alexandria Wellness offers achievable answers for anyone who is tired of chasing fitness and health without a clear plan, someone who has struggled and is not satisfied with their fitness and wellness or someone who is open to maximized healthful longevity and fitness along with healthful weight loss. Adrien and her team offer help with food guidance, body acceptance, sleep and stress issues, and insist you have fun along the way.

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