How Your Midday Habits are Affecting Your Wellness

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Imagine committing to being outside for at least one hour every day. Not that it has to happen all at one time, yet you have developed a habit of one hour total each day is spent outside. Or, what if you had a habit of fasting on Tuesdays? Lastly, what if your friends knew they could not reach you between 2pm – 4pm daily because you take a break from your cell phone at those times every day?



Do you think any or all of these things would make you a person who:

  1. Spends an hour outdoors every day?
  2. Fasts Tuesdays?
  3. Enjoys the benefits of less screen time?

If you are a person who spends at least one hour outside every day, you know you are getting the benefit of walking more, getting more Vitamin D, and will likely get a break from the screen.

If you are person who fasts Tuesdays, you know you are improving your:

  • • insulin sensitivity, resetting what “hunger” really is (not just a craving or stress eating)
  • • brain health
  • • immune system
  • • chances for longevity
  • • becoming more aware of your body and its cycles for hunger and craving throughout the day

This is a blog about habits, and not fasting, yet you get my point. If you are a “person who fasts Tuesdays” you identify with this and it becomes more than a goal: it becomes a reality. This is your identity, not just some challenge you learned about on Insta. It is real and you become a real habit master resulting in improved wellness and frankly happiness.

And the same goes for the person who makes it a habit to take conscious breaks from the screen. It’s not shocking news to you that screen time has been associated with atrophy of grey matter where our brain processes cravings, and impaired cognitive function, to name a few.



Earlier this month, I introduced the ease with which you can control your mornings and create lasting habits that lead to fulfilling wellness. Next, I raised the concept with you of seriously taking charge of your bedtime with the “reverse alarm.” Today, it’s time to introduce the toughest to develop: the midday habits. Frankly, it’s a longer period of time so there is more room for error. And there are just so many barriers standing in your way. Things like colleagues, team lunch meetings at nice restaurants, airports, good news, bad news, deadlines, you name it. Anything can come between you and your wellness. Especially in the midday.

Habits are the way to get you to your wellness, your fitness, and that body you want. Yet, habit (behavior change) scientists know to create a new habit it needs to be:

  • • Easy
  • • Enjoyable

So you choose to take break from screen time between 2pm – 4pm, then start with a break for 15 minutes, master it, and have something you enjoy doing as a replacement.

As for fasting, that is a slow road. Take it easy. Fast for breakfast one day and try to get to 10am before eating. Once you master 10am, move back to 10:15am. Master this after a few weeks, and move back to 10:30am. Stick with it for 2 – 3 weeks, then move onto 12pm, and so on. You get the point. Eventually you can add another day and over the course of a year, you slowly, and effectively get to the number of days of which you choose.

So, ladies, recognize developing new healthy habits – especially in the middle of the day – is tough. Take stock of what new healthy habits will replace, ones that are not leading you to your optimal fitness and wellness. Take it slow and connect with me here to learn more about how my Concierge Wellness Program is helping others like you conquer your day for you and your wellness.



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