Mint Condition Fall Sweater Trends: Who’s Excited for #SweaterWeather? 

Here at Mint Condition we get an abundance of fabulous sweaters this time of the year. Some barely worn, or new with tags (NWT), you can find a variety of sweaters for just about any occasion. Instead of the usual pullovers, we are seeing all sorts of styles fly through our door (and out!). Of course, sweaters are all the rage this time of the year but this season there are so many different styles of sweaters to look out for.

Of course, we have a high standard when accepting sweaters so if you’re looking to find a new home for some of your sweaters that no longer spark joy, remember we like the sweaters to be laundered and clean, free of pulls and pills that will outdate the sweater, and of course no holes.

One of my favorite customers came in the other day and found a fabulous IRO fuzzy long cardigan and asked “Why is this here?!” The answer is simple. People change and have different phases of their lives. Think, career woman who became a SAHM. Or the opposite, SAHM now has career – no longer does she need those gorgeous Veronica Beard blazers and Chanel pumps, but the other woman does! So why keep them in the closet to collect dust? We are here to help with that transition and bring joy back to your wallet and closet. Here are the trends we’re seeing…and commentary on ways to wear them from our Mint at Your Service stylist, Ali and me!


Mint Condition’s Fall Sweater Trends:


Cardigans (but not with a turtleneck)

Katie Coslov: We’re seeing tons of cardigans come in, but how do you make it relevant instead of your grandma’s? First make sure it isn’t an outdated color, buttons are still intact and good looking, and no pills. Next, pair it with a little bralette or lacy tank. Cardigans just got sexy (think Katie Holmes in NYC)!

Ali Hellmuth: Another cool trend we are seeing is cardigans with an oversized, prep school vibe. Think v-neck with pockets on the two front panels. Wear open with a vintage graphic t-shirt or a basic v-neck tee with layered gold necklaces. If you have any updated and elevated versions of your high school varsity sweaters bring them on in.



KC: Yes, fringe is still here and here to stay. People love the extra flair on the sleeves and it always seems to make the sweater stand out. I can guarantee if you saw a regular crew neck sweater vs. a fringe sweater, nine times out of ten you’re going to gravitate to the fringe sweater.

AH: If you’re interested in this trend, but you think it might be a little too much, look for minimal fringe or black sweaters with black fringe. I’d consider that a safer way to go.


Back to basics- black

KC: Can’t go wrong with a black knit sweater. Always chic and helps hide anything you want hide (I’m really talking about myself here). We have tons of good looking ones that aren’t washed out or have pills. Check and check.

​AH: I’m obsessed with all things black. In your closet you should have the appropriate necklines that flatter your figure in the textures and styles that you like. If you have sweaters that resemble each other too closely, keep the one you like best and give the other to Mint (just make sure it’s in mint condition – see what I did there).


Oversized (but not stretched out)

KC: The difference is the silhouette of the sweater is meant to be oversized, so it still looks cute if you do a half-tuck with your bottoms. Stretched out will look sloppy, ill-fitting and you’ll hate the sweater every time you wear it. Time to say goodbye!

AH: ​Something to also pay attention to is if you’ve lost some weight and your sweaters are too oversized then consign those suckers.


Neon colors

KC: If you can rock it, do so! Neon colors are youthful and fresh. You’ll be on trend. Now I don’t necessarily see myself running out to get a neon yellow sweater, but I bet Ali could make this trend work for me.

AH: ​If you’re going to go neon, let that piece be the spotlight of your look. If you’re bigger on the bottom this is a great trend for you. Everyone’s eyes will immediately notice your knit. If you really want to go for it, look for neon animal print…go big or go home. If you’re bigger up top and you love this trend, look for a neon sweater with a minimalist feel (think, little to no embellishments, no crazy ruffles or patterns).


Classic (but updated)

KC: I’m thinking the classic Chanel cardigan (there’s that word again!) but with relevant colors and neat buttons. ​

AH: Also think classic Tory Burch or even J. Crew cardigans that you have taken good care of.


Accentuated shoulders

AH: You’ve seen the poofy sleeve blouse all over town, but the poofy sleeve sweater is next level and it is so flattering. Especially when it’s cinched from the elbow down.


Come check out our sweater collection and the rest of the store (hint, we’ve done some remodeling!) at our farewell party to Toni Next Thursday, October 24th.




Mint at Your Service

As we all know, this town is busy. So if you don’t have time to drop off, please don’t forget about our collaboration with Ali Hellmuth of ALH Style. Mint at Your Service comes to your house and picks what will work for Mint and what won’t. Save your time and energy and let us do the work!

AH: Mint at Your Service has been a great value add for many of my clients, as well as all of the busy women that have been consigning with Mint Condition for years. It literally takes me 30 minutes (tops) to go through everything. By the time you make an appointment, drive to the store, pay to park and haul your stuff in, you could have dealt with my smiling face and gone about your day! If you’re interested in this service just shoot me an email and I will be in touch!


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