The Modern/Wearable Take on Boho


Definition of Bohemian

  1. 1a :  a native or inhabitant of Bohemiab :  the group of Czech dialects used in Bohemia
  2. Often not capitalized a :  vagabond, wanderer; especially :  gypsy. b :  a person (as a writer or an artist) living an unconventional life usually in a colony with others
  3. A fashion trend that is part bohemian and part chic. It is tied to the vintage phenomenon in fashion where the trend was to bring back vintage styles for the modern era. Boho chic combines organic, colorful, detailed, folk-inspired pieces with simple, modern pieces.


Let’s get one thing straight: you don’t have to feel like you are dressing up for Halloween to indulge in a little Boho Style. It’s not all flower crowns, braids, and crop tops…and you don’t have to try to be Stevie Nicks (but…I waaant to!!). You can take it just as far as you’d like and still achieve that super cool, laid-back mama look.

I partnered up with my gorgeous friend Larissa to model some Boho looks. Some are pushing the envelope and some are SO easy — no brainers! Let’s flip through and discuss which would be best for you!

Shall we take a peek?

Look 1

MIH White Jeans, $255 | Elizabeth and James Graphic “Relax” T-Shirt, $95 | Tryb Robe Dress, $506 | Layered G. Spinelli Necklaces, $60/$95 | The Stowe Tan Shoulder Bag, $468

This is a great middle of the road look. It has a lot of emphasis and pow but isn’t compromising on comfort at all! The natural feel from the necklace helps tie the whole look together. Polishing it off with a structured bag balances some of that flow-y you get from this (AWESOME) wrap dress by Tryb.  COMMITMENT LEVEL (1-5): 3


Look 2

A Piece Apart Dress | Eddera Spike Turquoise Earrings | Alkemie Ring

This maxi dress by Apiece Apart just oozes “Boho Babe.”  If you’re looking for an all-in-one piece that will bring Boho to your closet, this is an easy way to do it! It gives you maximum look with the least amount of effort. So you’re committing strong to the Boho vibe, but you don’t have to try very hard. Pair it with a flat gladiator sandal for the day, or a chunky tan leather heel for the evening.  COMMITMENT LEVEL (1-5): 5


Look 3

MIH Green Jumpsuit | Velvet Embroidered Jacket | Moyna Beaded Clutch | G. Spinelli Necklace

Pattern mixing is not for the faint of heart. But yes, you, too, can pull it off. We pulled the colors from the waistband into the accompanying jacket. This MIH Jumpsuit doesn’t have to feel Boho — it could go preppy — but the vintage nod and with the right styling, you are a Boho goddess. This look could be dressed up or down, and we love the whole composition here. (Shout out to our photographer, Sarah Marcella Hallee, for making my vision come true!)  COMMITMENT LEVEL (1-5): 4


Look 4

Marrakech Cargo Pants | Pink Tryb Top | Alkemie Belt | Alkemie Necklace | Alkemie Fern Earrings | Figue Embroidered Clutch

Afraid of bold prints? This is the look for you. Use a bold print in your accessories rather than your apparel. Another way to cheat the system is by pairing a fun color combination — my current favorite is olive and blush. (Bonus points for camo & blush!!!) These easy cargo pants are a fun, current way to add a little bit of edge to your outfit; pair with a graphic t-shirt and a blazer for a polished look.  COMMITMENT LEVEL (1-5): 1


Look 5

BA&SH Jacket | David Lerner Silk Tank | Frame Petite Mini Boot Jean | Figue Embroidered Bag | Monserat De Lucca Skull Necklace

My personal favorite take on Modern Boho is that Rock n’ Roll vibe. I’m not exaggerating when I say this BA&SH Jacket is the best investment piece you will find. Paired here with our favorite Frame Denim, the Petite Mini Boot (we just received it in Dark Gray, too!!!) and an easy-peasy, wear-with-anything, subtly textured David Lerner Silky Cami. You can wear it rock star-style with all black, you could wear it during the holidays…oh, the possibilities!! Anyway, we understand the jacket makes this look — but what else supports it? We chose the Embellished Figue Crossbody Bag as an accessory to emphasize the look without overwhelming the outfit with beading, pattern, and embroidery. I topped off the outfit with a skull necklace from Monserat De Lucca to really drive home that Rock n’ Roll vibe.  COMMITMENT LEVEL (1-5): 2


I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed styling and writing this post! If you leave with ONE THING, I hope it is an open mind on that anyone can don this style…and rock it!

OK, class adjourned… Any questions??

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