On Mom, On Me: 3 Looks, Styled For Our Ages

I’ll be the first to admit that I was definitely the little sister who would take my older sister’s clothes back when they were in high school. But now that my two sisters, ages 24 and 27, have moved out of the house—and taken all their cute belongings with them—my mom’s closet has become my new target.


Little did I know she’s got great stuff! In my defense, she’s known to snag things from my wardrobe, too. My mom’s taste is definitely on-trend, sometimes she even returns home with a piece I was hoping to buy myself, much to my jealousy. The great thing about sharing clothes with my mom is the ability to make versatile pieces work for both of us, styling them to fit our ages and bodies.


For example, we both love this awesome crochet top. I chose to throw on some cozy white cotton pants with crochet detail to go with the top, making a summery outfit perfect for the beach.


Paired with some slim white jeans and heels, it can also work for someone with more classic style, as my mom, Ann Scully, shows here.

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I love this gray blouse; it’s light and airy and such a pretty neutral for summer when you get tired of white. I chose to wear it as a dress, and threw on this fun belt to make the length more fitting for my body. My mom wore it as a duster over some white jeans, leaving most of the buttons undone to show off a fun statement necklace. We can both wear it, while tailoring it to fit our ages.


This suede, laser-cut shawl is so versatile, it can be worn in practically any way you can imagine. Sticking to her white jean staple, my mom chose a flowy white blouse, throwing the shawl over her shoulders — simple and pretty, which perfectly embodies my mom’s taste.


Wearing it as a shawl seemed a bit too old for me, so I thought of a few other ways to wear it. I chose to wrap it around my waist as a skirt, and actually used a fringe key chain—which tied in perfectly with the fringe on the shawl—to hold it up. Paired with wedges, a plain white tank, and a chain statement necklace, the outfit had a boho vibe. Worn over the shoulders, around the waist, or numerous other ways, the shawl adds unique interest to any ensemble.

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