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For months (and months… and months), we’ve been waiting for the shipment from Zelens to arrive in the U.S. Then, we had to painstakingly wait while the shipment made it through customs, into the warehouse, and then available to us. So, when it was finally ready, I grabbed our favorites, but I also decided to bring on a bunch of the best sellers in the U.K and on Net-a-Porter as well. I’m so excited to share them with you.

Power Trio

Zelens took their best-selling drops and packaged them all together in a starter pack. You get a third of a bottle of each of the Power A, Power D, and Power C Drops. At just $145 this is a steal! The Power A drops are my favorite retinol product to date. The Power D drops are a barrier repairing and fortifying elixir that has been a customer favorite since day one. It heals and soothes while strengthening your skin. If you have dry, flaky, or red irritated skin, these drops are for you. If not, they help protect and fortify your skin’s barrier so you don’t get thin skin. The Power C drops are a gentle and effective Vitamin C that just about anyone can use. Honestly, this set would make a terrific gift. I know I would be ecstatic to get it.



Z Balance Prebiotic and Probiotic Facial Mist

This rebalancing mist supports the skin’s natural defenses, strengthens the skin’s barrier, replenishes moisture, and helps to calm and soothe the skin. But wait, that’s not all. It’s infused with antioxidants from green Shiso leaves to help shield against daily environmental aggressors. Your skin will appear smoother, more supple, and visibly revived with a healthy-looking glow. I admit to being mildly addicted to this mist. It could be said that I am unable to walk past it without spritzing it on my face, and that wouldn’t entirely be a lie.



Z Matrix Energy and Moisture Infusion

Can a moisturizer really work for dry or oily skin types? Apparently, it can. This gel-like, lightweight moisturizer packs a powerful amount of hydration into every swipe. Your skin will feel hydrated without feeling sticky or overly-heavy.



Z-Recovery Intensive Repair Balm

Zelens’ Intensive Repair Balm is perfect for dry, irritated skin caused by cold weather conditions. This clever multi-tasker is packed with active ingredients, including repairing Peptides, soothing Vitamin E, Olive Oil, and Arnica to strengthen and Hyaluronic Acid to boost elasticity and reduce wrinkles. It’s perfect for injecting a boost of moisture to travel-stressed or environmental-effected complexions. For those living in or traveling to higher altitudes, this balm is a life (and face) saver.



Z Hyaluron

A dream for dry and dehydrated skin, these drops are powered by three forms of pure hyaluronic acid to cocoon your skin in lasting moisture.

Powered by a skin-smoothing swathe of active ingredients, this deeply hydrating formula goes above and beyond the call of duty to grant plump skin, promote elasticity, and ease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A blend of three types of pure hyaluronic acids – at different molecular weights – is paired with HA encapsulated into niosomes (a type of delivery system) to increase the absorption into your skin. An essential team player, antioxidant kaempferol (a plant-derived flavonoid) inhibits hyaluronidases – the enzymes that degrade your natural hyaluronic acid stores – to maintain healthy moisture levels. Succinic acid inhibits the enzymes involved in collagen degradation and encourages oxygen consumption, while a hydrating calcium complex enhances the natural production of hyaluronic acid and elastin.

I know… what?? The bottom line? This hyaluronic acid imparts major hydration without compromising your skin’s ability to maintain its own hyaluronic acid. Essentially, it’s a giver, not a taker. For those of you who have used a hyaluronic acid in the past, this one isn’t just a step above… it’s a whole skyscraper above.



In short, have I mentioned how much I love Zelens?


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