Mornin’ Sunshine (A Magical Lipstick Story)

People love that Lipstick Queen boasts a story or gimmick for every lipstick family. “Sinners” give a full-coverage, rich pigmentation while their sheer, soft “Saint” counterparts come in all the same colors, giving you a daytime and a nighttime in a shade you know will look good. Lavender-hued “Let Them Eat Cake” was started with a dream brand founder Poppy had about Marie Antoinette. Sheer, uber-wearable red “Medieval” was inspired by the effect lemon juice has on lips, which is how women faked the perfect pout way back when.

But did you know that Lipstick Queen also has the best range of color-changing lipsticks? From the blue-to-berry of “Hello Sailor” to the green-to-pink of “Frog Prince” (get it? True love’s kiss turns it the right color? Ha!) to the newest addition to the brand: bright, sunshiny yellow to hot, poppy coral with “Mornin’ Sunshine,” there’s a beautiful swipe of upbeat color for every mood!

Which one is your favorite?

These jewel-toned gems tend to sell out quickly after coming back in stock, so call to have us reserve your summer sheer! 703-299-9652



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