If You Could Only Design One Room in Your House, it Should be…

The answer can differ from client to client (as you might have expected), but there are trends on the most requested spaces and we’ve also found those trends have shifted during COVID. Now more than ever, our daily habits and patterns around the house are defining our homes in new ways. It’s one thing to design a space based on how you think you’ll be using the room… it’s completely different to design a space based on how you actually use the room.

Based on our clients’ needs and requests over the past few months, these are the spaces that have been at the top of the must-do list:

The Master Bedroom: This room has become an “escape” and a space where you can get away (even if only for a bit) from the chaos of life. Focusing on this space and turning it into a true retreat has been a go-to for many of our clients.



The Dining Room: Hosting huge parties isn’t an option right now. We can, however, still have intimate gatherings (we all still need that feeling of social connection), and there is no better place for this than a beautiful dining room. Why not indulge in some upgrades to a space where your family and a few friends will gather and make memories.



The Family Room: This is the space we all probably spend the most time in, so it’s important that it really works for you and your family. Comfort is the key to success – especially in this space. We have one client who realized she loved having her feet up no matter where she was in the room, so we created footrest options across the entire space.



As winter approaches, it looks like we’ll all be heading back indoors, and home base is going to be the safest place for a while. Now is the time to take a look and evaluate what you actually find comfortable and what you really need from your space – maybe you’ll want to kick your feet up too!


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