my obsession with perfectly toned arms & how to get them

If there is one thing I covet on women, it is defined arms. I am obsessed! Both Megan from Mind the Mat and Adrien from Fitness on the Run have arms that are to be envied. I have always wished for the perfect, chiseled arms, and now that Kiskadee is beginning to receive spring resort wear, it makes me all the more aware of what I need to work on.


We just received this silk Joie Naya top, and with this gorgeous halter neckline, I want my arms to look amazing when I wear it. One of my resolutions for the New Year is to get fit, tone my arms, and feel comfortable and confident in anything I wear. So why not use this top as my motivation? My plan is to take classes at Mind the Mat (have you tried Pilates Bootcamp??) and start personal training at Fitness on the Run, but I am searching for extra exercises that focus on strictly toning my arms.

To jump start my New Year’s resolution, I asked Megan to show me a simple and super-effective workout that does not require me to leave my house. This workout also does not include weights, just gravity and my own muscle activation, which makes it easy to do when I am on the go.

Megan describes the set up in the video. Helpful hints:
Make sure your hands are slightly higher than your shoulders and are slightly back behind you.
Engage your shoulders out of your ears at all times.
If you feel it in your neck, rest, then reset and make sure you have the correct set up as described.

Darby's Toned Arms Routine! by Megan from Mind the Mat from Mind the Mat Pilates & Yoga on Vimeo.

Now, if that is not going to give me the arms I am looking for, I do not know what will. You can thank Megan when you are wearing that amazing dress on spring vacation, or sporting the Naya top and your arms are looking strong.

Here are a few other tops will show off your newly toned arms:

Marie Oliver Elizabeth Top

Marie Oliver Elizabeth Top

Joie Zelpha Top

Joie Zelpha Top

Joie Kealy Top in Fog

Joie Kealy Top in Fog

Before you know it, Jennifer Aniston’s arms will rival in comparison to all of ours. Now, if I could only add the hair, body and face, I would be set!


Happy arm toning – you can do it!

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  1. Avatar Jerri says:

    We can do it! Thank you, Darby and Megan!

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