My Top 5 Tips To Be Fit for the Holidays

‘Tis the season! We all look forward to celebrating with our families and friends during the holiday season. But this season also brings the stress of finishing up our work projects, feeling over-committed to multiple social events, and figuring out how to stick to your plan for fitness and eating healthy. But I believe it is possible to enjoy, indulge, and still feel fit for the holidays.

So to keep from feeling overwhelmed during this busy and beautiful time of the year, here are my top tips to stick to your workout and wellness routine so you can really relax and enjoy the holidays.


1. Set *realistic* goals

The holiday season is probably not the time of year for big and bold goals, but setting a goal for your workouts and for your meal planning will help keep you on track and feel less discouraged when you have an overloaded schedule. Pick goals that are reasonable and sustainable. Here are a couple suggestions:

  • Be active every day. Whether it’s a walk outside or a workout, anything that keeps you moving and your heart rate elevated for more than 30 minutes will benefit your health!
  • Meal Prep. Make enough meals in advance to last you for at least three to four days during the week. This will not only reduce the stress of “what to eat tonight” but it will also help you stay on track during the week so that you have some room to indulge over the weekend.
  • Commit to at least three to four challenging workouts a week. Vary your workouts so that you continually challenge your body for the best results. At Ascend, we recommend two to three cycling classes alternating with two to three of our strength and interval classes per week.
  • Sleep! Keep a goal of getting adequate sleep and recovery at the top of your list.


2. Schedule your workouts and keep track

First, plan your week in advance and ideally get those classes booked ahead of time. At Ascend, our schedule opens two weeks in advance every Sunday to give you time to book a spot in your favorite classes. Then make yourself a calendar and check off each class you attend. You’ll be amazed at how much pride and accountability you’ll feel when you get to see your progress on paper. For our social media lovers, there are also templates that you can use to track your progress.


3. Find accountability buddies

Find your tribe of workout buddies! Stick together and hold each other accountable. When you’re not only showing up for yourself but also for your workout buddies, you’re more likely to bypass any excuses that you might otherwise give into if you’re only showing up for yourself. Plus, it’s more FUN!


4. “Detox to Retox”

There is some truth behind this trendy mantra. While I don’t necessarily promote working out to “burn off the calories” from the night before, a good sweat after a night out might be the best cure for your hangover. Additionally, if you’ve committed to taking a class that next morning, you’re less likely to overdo it, and it will help you keep that balance between party-time and sticking to your fitness goals.


5. R&R

If you’re like me, an extroverted introvert, multiple social events without adequate down time will leave me completely exhausted. Schedule time just for you. Whether it’s a walk outside, a massage, or just some quiet and uninterrupted time at home (without your phone!), make sure you’re making time for you. You’ll feel re-energized, will be better able to prioritize your obligations and will be better prepared to make healthier choices.


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