My Trip to Coterie

When Celeste invited me to attend Coterie, the huge spring fashion market, my excitement turned to trepidation back to excitement. It is a big responsibility to choose the clothing Kiskadee’s customers will want to wear. We want to carry the well loved and favorite clothing brands while branching out to find new clothing lines our customers will embrace.

I first questioned my own fashion sense. You Stylebook readers plus my friends and family know that I’m perfectly happy, confident, and comfortable in a great fitting t-shirt and jeans. My accessories are even kept to a minimum. However I do love to insert color and fun patterns into my wardrobe and encourage Kiskadee’s customers to do so as well. The most important point I want to convey to Kiskadee’s customers is to wear what you want and what makes you feel beautiful and most confident…put aside arbitrary rules that mean nothing!

Coterie is huge and I tagged along with Celeste as her sidekick. I packed, I felt, accordingly but I should not have attempted to kick up my fashion quotient with stylish shoes on the first day of market. Major failure…but I didn’t show it. 😉

1. Lilla P | 2. Project Social T | 3. Johnny Was | 4. Wilt | 5. CP Shades | 6. Tyler Boe

Celeste handled the market with aplomb and I can see her confidence in Kiskadee’s current fall fashions will continue in spring 2019. She paid attention to the length of dresses, pants, and even tops. She touched fabrics and inspected necklines to make sure they were sexy not frumpy, yet still bra friendly. Customer faves will be in store in full force!

There will be plenty of new favorites but I’ll focus on a few accessories. Beautiful leather Sorial bags will be in, as well as Huma Blanco shoes…a socially conscious and fare wage company located in Peru. The shoes are handmade and soooo comfy that this was the only time, out of the entire three days at market, that I splurged on a personal purchase…not easy to do when surrounded by, well, great t-shirts!


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