Nostalgic Endings, Exciting Beginnings

Originally, my motivation to open a jewelry business was based on my passion and fascination with diamonds and unusual gemstones. The concept that diamonds have been buried in the earth for millions of years and transform into these gorgeous gemstones was and still is fascinating to me. I love that the pieces we sell become heirlooms for their families and future generations. I love to see the smiles and hear the squeals of excitement when someone finds that perfect piece or receives that perfect piece of jewelry.

The years have flown by – 26 years to be exact – and now I am working with my first customer’s children! My reason for staying in the business has come full circle. It’s more than the beauty of fine jewelry but the gratifying experience that accompanies each purchase.

Which leads me to one of my favorite memories that embodies why I am, and will always, be Mystique. One such customer, who will remain anonymous after I vowed secrecy many years ago, came to Ivan (my talented and indispensable goldsmith) and me with a design for a necklace that he wanted to create for his special Valentine. He had a truly romantic idea to create a “key to his heart,” only his Valentine. He exuded his love for this lucky woman with such sincerity and selflessness that I will never forget. The piece turned out magnificently! It was to die for! I wish I could share a photo but again, I had to vow complete anonymity. To see his facial expression and the glassiness in his eyes upon seeing his dream idea transform into a one-of-a- kind treasure is one of my most cherished memories. This romantic customer continues to come in year after year, either custom designing a piece or depending on us to guide him in selecting the perfect gift.

Ivan and I

As you may know, Mystique moved at the end of February after 26 years on The Strand! We are now located at 123 S. Fairfax Street, where Hysteria lived. I am very excited to start a new chapter for Mystique and to share a block with The Shoe Hive and the Enchanted Florist, and nostalgic at the same time. Tears will be shed as the wrecking ball lets loose on the The Strand, my second home for so long. I am thankful for the glorious years we had at such a unique spot.

I have countless fond memories of all my friends who have shopped with me since the opening in May 1991, but our new place is looking spectacular and my excitement is beginning to overwhelm me. Here is a tiny glimpse of the reinvented Mystique in the making.

While our specialized services that differentiate us from other jewelry boutiques — like our custom design and exquisite collections made with Italian gold, Tahitian pearls, diamonds, and gemstones — will carry over to the new space, we are excited to add a new “Diamond Bar!” We want the experience of designing or selecting one of the most important symbols in your life to be more relaxing, fun, and memorable for both men and women.

As always, we love to melt down all forms of gold from heirloom or gifted pieces that are sitting in your jewelry box, never to be worn. Recycling is not just for paper or plastic! We are here to create new life, a new piece, and a new heirloom for you to treasure. Don’t waste a valuable commodity. We will buy it from you!

I love our new sleek look and hope you will, too! Here’s to toasting with me to new beginnings! Stay tuned for many fun upcoming events!


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Featuring old world styles, textures in gold, and styles that are rich yet perfect for everyday wear. Mystique Jewelers evolved from that of custom goldsmith shop into a truly sophisticated boutique, featuring the most coveted designers’ lines such as: Jude Frances, Alberto Parada, Jaime Joseph, Lauren K, KC Designs, and Beverly K as well as creating “one of kind” designs that are timeless, heirloom, and classic. Planning on getting engaged? Our diamond experts, master goldsmith, and designers on the premises will assist you in creating a truly remarkable, one-of-a-kind engagement ring. 

123 S. Fairfax Street                 112 W Washington Street
Alexandria, VA 22314                Middleburg, VA 20117

703.836.1401                            540.687.3100

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  1. Avatar Christine Nania says:

    I look forward to seeing your new place. We bought a set of beautiful diamond bands from you years ago to accompany my grandmother in laws engagement ring. I still love them as the day I bought them and now want to come in and see if we can do a new setting for the ring. Keep us updated!

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