New Artists on the Lane: Hayley Mitchell & Bonnie Fuchs

From bold color in stylized portraits to soothing abstracts inspired by seaside settings, we are thrilled to add works by Hayley Mitchell and Bonnie Fuchs to the growing Ivy Lane gallery.

Hayley Mitchell, left (source), and Bonnie Fuchs

Hayley Mitchell

Based in Austin, Texas, Hayley is known for her female portraits and her bold use of color, as you can see in these two recently completed commissions:

A busy mother of four small children, Hayley seizes upon any spare moments to be creative. “I’ve had a lifelong passion for art. As a kid I dreamt of painting for a living. I majored in graphic design but left for love and completed a degree in psychology, which I thought would be more ‘practical.'”

Happily for us, she returned to her true passion, and is now creating works that celebrate women in an instantly recognizable style, one that’s at once reminiscent of both Hockney and Modigliani yet completely modern and her own…

Photo Gina Julian

Here’s a sneak peek of a 20″ x 20″ work en route. Purple is most certainly a statement color, but by using tonal shades of violets, lavenders, magentas, and thistles, here Hayley presents a somewhat softer portrait, yet it still has depth and feels radiant because of the juxtaposed ivory, cream, and peach accents.


For smaller scale works of art, we are pleased to also offer hand-painted ornaments! Whether on a tree or arranged on a mantel, these ornaments are a lovely way to bring a pop of art into your home this holiday season.


Bonnie Fuchs

Bonnie Fuchs is a self-taught artist that was born in Jackson, Mississippi, and raised in Dallas, but didn’t pick up a paintbrush until she settled near the shores of coastal Alabama’s Mobile Bay. There, the soothing blues, grays, and browns inspire her canvas’ color each and every day. Bonnie’s works are simple, refined, and unexpected, as you can see from an install we completed for a client last week.


Big news, coming soon…

With our shop currently open by appointment only (water damage!), you may be wondering where we will display this amazing artwork. We are currently installing a special shop and gallery (with works from Hayley, Bonnie, and other featured artists including Brenda Bogart, Sarah Otts, Liz Nichols, Lanie Mann, Robert Rea) at 116 King! More details next week…


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