New at the Nest: Teen Clothing

Phew. This was a super challenging idea. The hard thing about teenagers is the varying sizes they all are. Some are petite, like my model, Miranda, and my daughter, Annabelle. Some are taller than me. They all want young clothing. The challenge here is finding something they think is cool but comes in a variety of sizes. Like I said… way harder than I anticipated.

There are a few lines of clothing that do accommodate these needs. One is Sanctuary. It has become one of our best brands. Not only is the quality there, but it’s effortlessly cool with an excellent price point. I like Sanctuary a lot because they also go into plus sizes. So, I can order the same shirt in XXS all the way through 3X. It all looks equally good on everyone. It’s a great brand to get a younger vibe in a wide array of sizes.



A new line for us, Molly Bracken, is definitely perfect for the teen set. When I was looking at the line, I had teens in mind but also selected some styles for us moms. It doesn’t have the same size range as Sanctuary, but it does seem to fit Miranda quite well. In these pictures, both tops are XS – the line goes to XL, so it should work for a variety of teens. Bonus? The price point for a teenager is reasonable.



As for bottoms, Kut from the Kloth, Lilla P, and Sanctuary all fit my models well. They needed the smallest sizes available, but these lines would work for all teens. I know many teen girls don’t love to try things on in the store, so take advantage of our Bird Bag program so they can try on at home: We will have more styles arriving soon!





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