New & Noteworthy: The Dyson Airwrap

I have decided to begin a series called New & Noteworthy because every now and again a beauty product hits the scene that I have never seen before. I’m talking about true innovation. Sometimes these will be products I sell, sometimes they won’t. What they will be is a new take on an old idea or a completely new concept.

The other day one of my customers commented on my hair. I had decided to curl my hair in loose waves that day. She noticed because I never curl my hair. Why not? Truthfully, I’m not that talented at doing it quickly. Sure, I can do it for a night out, but on a Monday morning before work? Never in a million years. So, what changed? The Dyson Airwrap, that’s what.

Many of you are probably already familiar with it. I was not. I happened across it quite by accident. Our amazing Stylebook editor, Madelyn, sent me a photo of her voluminously coiffed hair over the holidays and extolled the wonders of the Dyson Airwrap as having taken her hair from wet to dry and bouncy in less than ten minutes. Impressive. A quick google search said they were sold out and Amazon “entrepreneurs” were selling them for twice the price. I didn’t care if it would wash, color, and dry my hair…there was no way I was paying $1,100 bucks for a hairdryer of any sort. And just as quickly as my interest had piqued, I had moved on.

Then a couple of months ago I had to go to the mall. I dread the mall. Dread. For one, I can never remember exactly where in the mall the store I have to go to is. This means that I will inevitably park in the wrong area and have to walk the length of it just to find the store I needed. Secondly, there are hoards of people who seem to love the mall walking aimlessly and leisurely in the aisles in front of me. Many times there is a whole family and they take up the entire aisle. This is when I have the conversation, do I say “excuse me” and hope they let me pass? Do I wait for the break in the aisle and race by them on the outside? Either way, the victory is fleeting because inevitably I hit the pedestrian wall again having only gained a few short feet. I am not there to meander. I am there to accomplish, and this puts me at odds with…well…everyone.

Sometimes, however, the mall cannot be avoided. My son’s phone stopped working and we had to go to the Apple store. Did I mention I dread going to the Apple store? Okay, sorry. Enough dread. At any rate, after a, let’s just say tedious, visit to the Apple store we walked out, and, in an effort to avoid a throng of mall-loving individuals, we darted across the walkway. A few short feet away was a Dyson store. There, on a pedestal in the front of the store, was the Dyson Airwrap. I was suddenly reminded of Madelyn’s love for the device and the insane prices I had seen online. I had to know what was so special about this hairdryer.

First, I should say the price is not $1,100 in store. To be sure however, at $549 it is still a significant investment. But you are not just buying a hairdryer. You are buying a hair-styler. The Dyson Airwrap comes with a mini hairdryer attachment, two straightening brushes (one for fine and one for thick hair), two-sets of curling barrels, and a chic case to contain it all. The woman in the store asked if I’d like a demonstration. My son had just had his phone replaced and was in a particularly good mood, so he encouraged me to sit down and have the product demonstrated. Had he walked out with a loaner phone, this article would likely not have been written.

I sat down and the woman sprayed my hair with water. She then attached a straightening brush head to the Airwrap and clicked it on. She brushed my hair smooth while the device dried it at the same time. Wow, pretty cool. Worth $550? Not on your life, but she wasn’t done. She then snapped a curling barrel onto the end, held it a few inches from my head, held up a piece of my hair and then released it. The Airwrap sucked the hair to the barrel and it wrapped itself around the barrel perfectly. She pulled down to release the barrel and a perfect curl remained. I was dumbstruck. It took her less than three minutes to do the entire left side of my head. She then swapped barrels and repeated the exercise on the other side of my head. Full curled head in six minutes. Too much curl? She popped the brush back on and brushed it out for a wavy look instead. Changed my mind? She spritzed my hair with water from a water bottle and brushed it straight instantly. And that is how I ended up shelling out $550 bucks at the Dyson store.

I do not sell the Dyson Airwrap. I do not have an affiliate link here for you to push so that I get a cut. I just simply love this darn thing and had to share. If you wear your hair curly or wavy or would if it were easy, you owe it to yourself to take a look at this. If you wear it straight every day, then this isn’t for you. I’d stick with a good hairdryer and T3 straightening iron. But either way, you have to appreciate the sheer genius behind this innovative product. There simply isn’t anything else like it on the market.

Unfortunately, it’s sold out online. So yep, you guessed it, you have to go to the mall to get it. I apologize in advance.


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