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Fall is almost upon us and it’s time to start thinking about getting your hair ready for the season. We are always talking with our clients about what is on their minds, whether it be the latest trend, hip new style, or even a fabulous color. We always look to give practical advice about what cut or style we feel will work better with their specific hair type and that got us thinking about a couple great topics to go over today.

Let’s start with one of the most classic looks — long layers. It’s tried and true and a favorite among many for good reason. However, if you have fine soft strands or thick unruly hair it can be somewhat difficult to manage. The issue when it comes to the former is that longer layers can make delicate strands look frayed and dry. The best cut for someone with fine hair would be more of a blunt cut with either very minimal texture or light face framing. For thick unruly hair, layers can sometimes leave a “stair case” effect, which is every woman’s nightmare! So for those with more weight in their tresses, it’s best to keep the layering out of the equation and focus more on framing the face. This will allow for a light and carefree style without adding a single layer.



Color is another common area of trial and error. Unfortunately, every color out there is not meant for every head of hair. If you’re considering switching up your color we always recommend talking it over with your stylist to see if your hair is the right candidate for whatever new color your heart is desiring. Shades of blonde and balayage have been popular, but if you have fine hair you should be extra diligent about maintaining it with the proper shampoos as well as getting periodic gloss treatments. This will allow your hair to stay healthier while it is being chemically treated. For those with thicker and fuller locks, please keep in mind that highlighting involves the stripping of the hair, so it is usually best to stay in the darker shades of blonde with caramels and golds. A rich caramel or gold is perfect for the fall season as well!

A new cut and color can be fun, but often does come with some maintenance, so be sure you are using the proper shampoos as well as deep conditioning treatments to keep your hair looking and feeling it’s best. Consult with your stylist on what the best options are when trying something new, especially coming out of the summer season when hair may need to be treated with a deep conditioner or a gloss to ensure whatever cut or color you chose looks like perfection.

As always, the team at Bazzak is here to help your reach your hair goals!


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