look of the day: new year’s day

Every New Year’s Day, I host a (very late) brunch for my family and close friends. There is something about being surrounded by the ones I love, joining them around the table and nourishing them that makes me feel content and provides me with a positive outlook on the year. With that said, it can be a little intense getting everything together at the last minute as I very rarely have the time to plan ahead.

I can’t complicate things further by worrying about what to wear. I will likely send my husband to the grocery store and doubt I will ever make it outside my house. So, I can wear a short dress. If you love this look but want to wear it on colder days, layer it over these leggings.

And a trick to keeping your guests happy while you frantically pull things together? Set out a tray of delicious drinks with slips of paper and pens. Ask them to anonymously write their new year’s resolution down then read them all at the brunch table and try to guess whose is whose. It’s typically very entertaining!


Dress: Zoe Boutique by Red23, $132
Flats: Kiskadee by Jack Rogers, $149
Bag: The Shoe Hive by Leghila, $195
Paris Gallery Tray: Coco Blanca, $79.95
Hair Treatment: Bellacara by MoroccanOil*

*Just a few drops placed on damp locks before blow-drying will make your hair super-shiny and soft. And it’s so amazingly weightless, it works on the thinnest to the thickest hair.

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