Nightly Facial Massage: How To (and Why You Should)

With all this talk of oil in the last few weeks, clients have been requesting that I share how to do a quick facial massage. Why give yourself a facial massage, you may ask? To relax facial muscles, drain lymph, and invigorate the tissues. You may even notice an immediately brighter-looking complexion, but if you don’t, do not be discouraged! Just like getting a body massage, regular facial massages will help work out any extra tension in your muscles and keep them and your skin functioning well over the long-term.

Step One: Warm the oil.

Put a few drops of oil in the palm of your hand. Put your opposing hand on top, palm to palm, so that each hand’s fingers are slightly overlapping the opposite wrist. Swipe this way twice, to ensure that the hands are coated.

Step Two: Distribute.

Press hands briefly over the full face. If your oil has any sort of aromatherapeutic properties to it (or if you simply love the scent!), take a few deep breaths.

Step Three: Forehead and nose.

Swipe fingers up on the forehead toward the hairline. Swipe quickly so as one hand is finishing its course, the other is beginning. Next, lightly work around the nose.

Step Four: Cheeks and chin.

Sweep finger tips in half circles over the cheeks, heading upward and outward toward the jaw and ears. Use your thumb and forefinger to create a gentle pincer effect moving from the middle of the chin toward each side of the jaw. If you suffer from TMJ issues, spend a little extra time massaging the cheeks and jaw to alleviate any excess tension.

Step Five: Neck and finish.

Using your full hand, cover the neck in long strokes from the base to under the chin, working your way around the whole neck. Finish up by pressing gently from under the ears and stroking down a couple times, to encourage lymph drainage. Apply your moisturizer to face, neck, and chest, and you’re finished!

Remember, you only have the one face! Why not treat it to a facial massage?


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