Your Nighttime Habits: The Reverse Alarm

Is it your habit to have a fit body? Sounds kind of strange I’m sure, yet it is a good question. Do your daily habits reflect your desire to have a fit body? If a big part of your identity is to have a healthy and fit body, then your actions speak for themselves.

You know the answer…

Fill in the blank: I do this (habit fill in the blank) because I am a (fill in the blank) kind of person. Each time you engage in that activity, it is a vote for the kind of person you want to be.

Another reason I decided to focus my attention on helping women take back their wellness through a holistic approach was the result of my research on the science of habits. When I began to apply it to my life, my life changed. Dozens of clients applied it to theirs too. So why not teach as many who are hungry for deep wellness beyond a fitness-only model?

As an example in my life: I go to sleep by 10pm every night because I want to be highly productive before 6am each day.

Now you try it…

Last week, I unveiled some simple new ways to approach your morning and your thoughts that can help you get to that optimal fitness for you. The morning, for most, is the easiest time of the day to get wellness in. When you figure out how to get yourself out of bed at least one hour before you need to leave the house, you will discover a whole new sense of accomplishment, confidence, and vitality. I know it is not for everyone, yet most of you will agree, it is the time of the day you control the most…before anyone else in your household is awake.

Now, let’s uncover the next time of day to practice wellness: the hour before bed.

Habits are most likely started – and broken – because of the time of day and location.



You can choose to make your nights another venture into your wellness by setting a “reverse alarm,” a term coined by a coach of mine, Craig Ballantyne.

The reverse alarm is set one hour before you are asleep. It sets the stage for a chain of events that channel to your brain – I am approaching the magical time when I am going to sleep.

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What are the key components of your nighttime that must take place before you fall asleep? What actions will lead you to getting the best sleep you can and be as productive the next morning as you possibly can?

I’ve learned so much about sleep, I want to share it with you. We are hosting the first ever Sleep Workshop where I will teach you my 10-3-2 Rule, simple steps to overcome 1-3am awakenings, and other proven ways to get the best sleep you can.

You know sleep is not only important for cognitive health and many other essential physiological factors, yet did you know sleep is key to weight loss, digestion, and muscle building? Well, it is! I’ll outline the many reasons why sleep might possibly be the biggest thing holding you back from achieving real wellness in another article later this month.

We all need to make sleep our most important appointment of the day.

Here is an example of a typical night for me:

8:30pm:           Check email and text for last time/review notes for meetings for following day

8:45pm:           Put out mine and kids’ vitamins for next day in separate piles

8:48pm:           Put (non-refrigerated) Bulletproof coffee ingredients in blender bottle (Head upstairs where I will be for remainder of the night.)

8:50pm:           Brush teeth/Wash Face/Put out clothes for following day

9:00pm:           Take Epsom Salt Bath/Read something calming or nothing at all

9:20pm:           Make sure kids are upstairs/homework complete/chat & pray with kids

9:30pm:           Return to bedroom/Read

9:30-9:40pm:  Asleep

Setting the alarm is a reminder it is that magical time. If there are others in the household, it lets them know it’s that time as well.

Making your nighttime, and your bedtime routine, a habit is a sure-fire way to take back your wellness, control your (next) day, and feel amazing.

I currently have a waitlist for my Concierge Wellness Program, but you can still get on the waitlist here to be notified as soon as spots open. And, if you’re ready to get started right away, you can check out our Fitness + Foundations program to get to wellness resources, guidance, education, and support here.




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