Not Seeing Results? Here Are 3 Reasons Why

Hit a plateau? We all do. You put in the time and the effort and yet, you still haven’t fully achieved your fitness goal. And it’s frustrating as heck. Sometimes we focus so much on one aspect of our goal that we ignore the other factors that might be inhibiting or contributing to our success. And while plateaus should be expected from time to time, you can be prepared to address them. So with that in mind, check out these three tips that will give you some perspective on attacking your goals from all angles.



Challenge = Change


In order to see results, we must challenge our muscles to a great enough extent that they are forced to react. That reaction is getting stronger. If we stay “comfortable” during our workouts, we are not pushing our bodies to a level that will inspire change.

When you stick to the same exercise routine, your body begins to adapt to the workout as it gets stronger and learns what to expect. To see on-going results, try to incorporate new workouts into your routine, or challenge yourself to increase the intensity in a class you are already taking. Pick up a heavier set of weights, turn the resistance a little higher, or fight the burn for a little longer.



The next time you workout, think about the following: Am I lifting a weight heavy enough that I can only perform a few more reps with good form before I complete the set? Am I pushing hard enough on the bike to where I am unsure of how long I can sustain that level of intensity? Do I achieve muscle failure at some point during the workout?

These questions will help you identify your own physiological cues and understand at what level of intensity you are working. At Ascend, this is the theory behind everything we do – we want you to learn how its feels to work at different intensities so that you can tune into your body’s cues and maximize your workout.



Nutrition Counts


I am a firm believer that you cannot achieve your fitness goals without a holistic approach that includes attention to your nutrition. Our nutritional needs all vary, but it’s evident that for anyone, a diet that contains a plethora of vegetables, high-quality sources of protein, and good fats will fuel your body to be prepared for your workouts, as well as to recover adequately afterwards. If you are not achieving your goals and you haven’t taken a look at your nutrition, this is a great place to start.




You’re Overdoing It


Yes, I know I just told you to work hard. But you need to work hard and smart. Keep in mind these signs of burnout: decreases in performance, delayed recovery time, overall fatigue, insomnia, and disinterest in exercise. A “go hard or go home” attitude is great for when you crush your goals at the gym, but if you overdo it, the results won’t show. Even worse, you could end up injured.



Make sure to incorporate recovery into your weekly routine. Recovery is personal and it doesn’t have to mean dropping a few hundred dollars for a spa day. Simply planning a day without intense exercise might be enough. Maybe it’s ensuring that most days of the week you power down early enough to get into bed early. Gentle yoga, foam rolling, and stretching are other ways to give your body some love.


Looking for more advice?

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