#obsessed: Maya Chia “The Super Blend”

“It’s oil time, people.” – Angela, when we were discussing this article. Then she put on her shades and left the building.

This is the time of year even the most skittish of people begin to come around to the idea that oil should have a firm place in their daily regimen. Oil lives in a not-really-serum/not-really-moisturizer limbo. It will not get as deep into skin as serum will, but it also won’t likely give your skin the satisfying, instant relief that a good moisturizer will. Because of this, we get a lot of questions about where exactly to integrate an oil into the routine, and whether it’s really even necessary.

This in-between texture actually makes a lot of sense, though. You won’t feel your serum lingering on skin’s surface, because it’s working further down into the layers of skin; your moisturizer simply can’t penetrate into the deeper layers of skin…which means that the oil’s penetration to those middle layers is really valuable for maintaining the health and texture of skin. It’s an important part of any balanced breakfast skincare routine. Think of it as a skincare parfait — add an oil into the mix after your active serum, if you currently use one, and before your moisturizer.

Right now, we’re #obsessed with Maya Chia “The Super Blend” Pressed Serum Concentrate, $105. I fell in love with Maya Chia a year and a half ago, and we have loved having the line as part of the Bellacara family for about a year now. Their uber-natural ingredient list, high antioxidant content, and scents and textures that even more deeply impress upon you how good these products are for your skin make the entire brand a standout.

But back to the serum concentrate…

Astaxanthin (an algae extract that’s also found in one of my favorite of the line’s products, Maya Chia “The Super Couple” Ultra Luxe Face Oil, $85) is even more powerful at combatting free radical damage than either Vitamin C or Vitamin E alone. Don’t fear, though, because it turns out that these hero antioxidants play so well together that astaxanthin actually enhances the antioxidant effects of both vitamins. Vitamin C Ester brightens skin, sweet white lupin seed firms, and of course, the star ingredient of the Maya Chia line — supercritical chia seed oil — increases skin’s hydration and improves barrier function, meaning that it essentially teaches your skin how to hold on to water and nutrients better.

And now to the texture…

Yes, you read it correctly. It’s a pressed serum. Those of you out there who are texturally skeptical of oils, this product may be for you. It’s particularly great for drier skin types, but it’s awesome on anyone, especially this time of year. This product is solid, and actually looks much like ghee. A fingertip’s worth of pressed serum, warmed between the hands, should melt into the right amount to use for face, neck, and décolletage. I like to press it gently into my skin, with a deep inhale or two before facial massage — the smell is so calming and pleasant.

We are in love with this product, and think you will be, too!

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