Off-the-Shoulder at Any Age

Hate is a very strong word. I don’t hate anything. However, I am borderline on this one statement, “Am I too old for that?” UGH. Older does not mean frumpy, dull, or boring in fashion. Now that doesn’t mean we should wear Daisy Dukes, either, of course. Many of us older types look beautiful in everything from leggings to short skirts, from ripped jeans to, yes, off-the-shoulder tops!

The days are gone where just because you have reached a certain age you are supposed to dress a certain way. Really, fashion is how you pair your items and how they fit as opposed to an unwritten rule that a certain style is forbidden for older women. And as most of us tend to cover up as we get older, it is wonderful for fashion to throw us an age-defying style…everyone has beautiful shoulders!


The off-the-shoulder blouse imbues sophistication through substantial fabrics, cuffs, and wide collars. If more comfortable, it can be worn partially on the shoulders. It pairs perfectly with the new spring, printed pants and becomes causally cool with a denim jacket.


Being older doesn’t mean we are dead. We can be sexy when the occasion calls for it!  The shoulders and collarbones are lovely at any age. Bare them because you can! Leggings and heels are a perfect combo and balanced when paired with an off-the-shoulder top sporting on-trend flounce sleeves.


We have discussed sophisticated and sexy…how about just plan fun?! This top, with its nautical-inspired stripes, comes in a super soft and stretchy material. The sleeves are cut in a free and breezy handkerchief style that takes a whimsical style and puts it on edge.

You can wear any style, at any age. Let your confidence shine!


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