One of America’s Top AVEDA Salons Is Right Here in Alexandria: How Claude Marcel and His “French Style” Will Transform You

You know Stylebook is always on the lookout for the best in lifestyle, the latest trends, and how it will all work for you here, locally. Well, we are excited to share that one of America’s best hair stylists, who was also voted a top ten stylist in Paris when he was based there, is now right in Old Town: introducing Claude Marcel. We spoke with salon co-owner and general manager Timothy Brockhoff about Claude’s arrival, his approach, and why you should book an appointment right now.

Tell us a little about Claude Marcel salon de coiffure & spa.

Claude Marcel was founded by renowned “French style” stylist and artistic director Claude Marcel, who had a 26-year relationship with the internationally-renowned Dessange Paris salons in Europe and Washington, D.C., before re-branding as an AVEDA salon and spa in August 2013. We recently moved to Old Town after 10 years in Tysons, and are so happy with the Main Street feel of the Alexandria community. Plus, our out-of-town clients are loving the historic charm of Old Town.


What is “French style” and how does it produce better results?

French style is where stylists sculpt hair to suit the body, and it is the technique in which the salon specializes. Whereas most stylists only see hair, Claude Marcel balances the entire person. It’s fascinating to watch him work: when you observe his eyes you see him scan the entire body, taking into account figure and demeanor, to design the perfect hairstyle to bring out the beauty in every client. Claude Marcel perfected the technique so well that the salon has been chosen as one of only five AVEDA salons in North America known as an Artistic Center.



We believe in their philosophy and products (Editor’s note: more on this in a future post), and we have found a like-minded partner in AVEDA.  As one of AVEDA’s five Artistic Centers in North America, Claude Marcel trains AVEDA stylists from around the world in their French technique of cutting and balance, and AVEDA recognizes and endorses Claude’s French technique for the beautiful results it delivers to all women. We are very excited and honored that AVEDA, a true leader in the beauty industry, will be taking Claude on a world-tour starting in North America and then to Japan and Europe to showcase his specialty to the AVEDA network.


Tell us a little about Claude Marcel, the person.

He is a perfectionist, and he chooses his artistic team based on their natural talents to create beauty. Once chosen, nothing makes him happier than seeing his team excel: he oversees their education and training to ensure they are proficient in his French technique and that they represent his brand with the highest level of quality and integrity. You truly, and literally, are in good hands with Claude Marcel and his team.

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With such dedicated and trained artists, is this a “fancy” (um, intimidating) salon?

The opposite, truly! We welcome you to come in, sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee, and let the pampering begin. It’s all about you…a day of beauty at Claude Marcel salon de coiffure & spa.

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Claude Marcel salon de coiffure & spa can be reached at 703.566.5762 and is located at 208 N. Washington St, Suite 1, Alexandria, VA 22314.

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